Clinton still ahead in polls, but race tightens in Colorado

Posted at 10:15 PM, Nov 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-07 00:15:45-05

DENVER -- Two days before the election, and the mad dash is on in Colorado.

"The last couple of days everyone's running around trying to pick up whatever votes they can capitalize on, what is in their favor. We've seen it in Colorado," said Metro State Political Science Professor Norman Provizer.

Donald Trump spent his second Saturday in the Centennial state, this week rallying voters at the National Western Complex in Denver.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders campaigned for Hilary Clinton in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and Aurora.

"The last couple days can potentially matter a great deal," said Provizer.

So far this election, Clinton has made three campaign stops in Colorado while Trump has made 12 stops.

"The Trump campaign has not given up on Colorado because if they had, they wouldn't be spending time the way they are," said Provizer.

Provizer said for the most part Colorado is still leaning blue, but out of seven recent polls - two show a tie and five others show Clinton's lead between one and six points, which shows the race has tightened and a win in Colorado would help Trump dramatically.

"In the eyes of both campaigns Colorado is competitive," said Provizer.

He also said the latest news from the FBI which cleared Clinton, again, after reviewing new emails, could have a big impact on swing voters.

"The latest revelations about nothing there, nothing to investigate no change in our conclusion that might be enough for those marginal voters to swing back to her and kind of erase that Trump advantage," Provizer further explained.

He also said the Hispanic turnout will be key and pointed to Jefferson County and Adams County as two counties to watch as the results come in Tuesday night.