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City of Boulder 'pauses' enforcement of assault weapon ban after judge's ruling

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Posted at 6:49 PM, Aug 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-30 20:50:39-04

BOULDER, Colo. — The City of Boulder announced Tuesday that it has immediately "paused" the enforcement of its ban on assault weapons after a federal judge granted a temporary restraining order against the county.

Gun rights group The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is suing Boulder County over recently passed gun control measures. The litigation follows a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that struck down a New York gun law.

Boulder City Council unanimously passed six gun control measures in June that banned assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and increased the waiting period and the age to purchase firearms.

In a news release Tuesday, the city said the temporary ban on enforcement was done to "allow time for more legal coordination among neighboring jurisdictions."

“We always anticipated that some of our gun violence prevention measures might face legal challenges. While these rulings are not directly related to the City of Boulder’s measures, we believe it is prudent to work with our neighbors on a coordinated legal strategy,” said City Attorney Teresa Taylor Tate in a statement. “Specifically, the cities of Boulder and Louisville along with Boulder County will seek to consolidate the lawsuits against each jurisdiction with the case against Superior.”

The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners lawsuit is the group's fifth lawsuit in Colorado over gun regulations, including a lawsuit targeting the state of Colorado over a 15-round magazine capacity limit.

The Associated Press contributed to this report