Cat rescued from water tower soon to be adopted; deemed healthy, friendly

Posted at 4:50 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 18:50:02-04

LASALLE, Colo. -- A cat whose surprised face during a sky-high rescue on Wednesday made the rounds on social media already has a list of families who would like to sign up for adoption. 

Dr. Anita Reeve with Valley Veterinary Clinic in LaSalle has been attending the cat since crews rescued him Wednesday afternoon. 

The cat, which Reeve said hasn't been named beyond receiving the nickname Secret, climbed up to the catwalk of the water tower on Sunday. 

On Wednesday, emergency services in the town made the decision to rescue the cat because it had been without food or water for four days. Officials said it had attempted to come down on its own several times but couldn't make it. 

When calling for expert help in the high-heights rescue, two groups quoted the town $2,800 and $4,600 for help. Fortunately, TechnicalRescueSystems donated their time and resources, using it as a training activity. 

Crews brought the cat down, and immediately brought it to Dr. Reeve, who said it's not a feral cat, meaning it has been raised around humans. 

After waiting another day for an owner to come forward with proof of ownership, Reeve said adoption will be opened to the list of people who have called the town. 

"He's a celebrity around here, and he's a sweet boy, too," Reeve said.

Physically, the 6-month-old kitten is doing well, is eating food and water, and has tested negative for any viruses or illnesses.

Reeve said whomever adopts the cat will have a celebrity on their hands.