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Boulder’s Wallaroo Hat Co. combines safety and style for fashionable shade in Colorado's heat

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Posted at 10:23 AM, Jun 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-06 12:23:38-04

BOULDER, Colo. — Three hundred days of sunshine are just some one of the reasons we love Colorado.

But with our state’s high elevation, we also have to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays.

Wallaroo Hats in Boulder has given us a stylish way to enjoy our time outdoors.

The company’s co-founder and CEO Stephanie Carter got the idea for Wallaroo Hats after visiting family in Australia, where hats are especially popular.

So, she brought the idea back to the U.S.

“And then the company just started to take on a life of its own,” Carter said. “I think we were really pioneers in the skin protection, sun protection gear.”

Most Wallaroo Hats have a UPF 50-plus protection rating and a wide brim, recommended by the American Cancer Society. But what makes the head wear unique is its comfortable and colorful versatility.

“We really felt like we were going to push the envelope and try to do something different,” Carter said. “So, we started bringing a lot of colors into our line, and it just took off. People love color, and women in particular love color.”

A drawstring inside the hats also allows for an easy fit and the light-weight material is packable.

“It can be folded. It can be crushed,” Carter said. “It can be stuffed in a golf bag. It bounces right back into shape. They can take it out when they're going to the beach or when they're going shopping.”

And, they're not done designing. Wallaroo is set to unveil a new resort line this summer as part of their 20th anniversary.

“Family or friends will text me pictures saying, ‘I just saw your hats in Amelia Island,’” Carter said. “Or, ‘I was just in Florida at Disney World and I saw your hats there.’ Or, ‘I'm in California.' So, we've had a lot of success getting into all different types of stores.”

The hats are also available online, and the company ships to countries around the world. But, they stay rooted in Colorado, where the sun seems to shine the brightest.

“We really encourage people take care of yourself,” Carter said. “Take care of your eyes. Take care of the rest of your skin. Just make sure you're protected all the time.”

They also have a children's line.