Boulder couple says wedding photographer a no-show, still has their money

Posted at 7:45 PM, Aug 21, 2017

BOULDER, Colo. -- A Boulder couple who recently tied the knot has no pictures of their wedding and are $3,000 short after the photographer was a no-show. 

Jamie and Kyle Block dated for two years before deciding to get hitched in Granby. They hired Trae Smith of 728 Films and Photos to be their photographer, but he never showed up.

“We were supposed to have videos and photos, and we don't have anything,” said Kyle Block.

The couple says they asked the guests to take as many pictures as they can.

“He stole a once in a lifetime opportunity,” said Kyle.

The couple says they've paid him $3,000 and Smith is yet to pay them back.

“He sent us a contract, we signed it, and we paid him in full,” said Jamie Block.

Trae Smith claims the Blocks canceled on him over the phone, but he was unable to provide Denver7 any evidence to back up his claim.

The couple says they reached out to Smith to confirm their appointment via e-mail and he responded confirming the appointment.

Smith says he plans to refund the couple. If they don’t receive their refund, the couple plans to file a suit against Smith. 

Couples share similar stories

The Blocks are not the only couple left with nothing to show for. Denver7 interviewed other couples recently who claimed they never saw their wedding videos after hiring Smith.

Sarah Koehler and her husband, Alex, got married on June 19. They hired Smith to do the videography, but still haven’t seen any footage from the event.

Another Colorado couple says they fought with Smith for a year to get their photos and video. Jed and Ashley Goodwin received mostly raw unedited photos and video after going back and forth with him.

A TV station in Fort Myers, Fla., reported on Smith back in February saying he did not keep his promise to newlyweds there. A couple interviewed for the story says they didn't receive any material despite waiting for months.