Boulder couple rediscovers decades-old love letters

Posted at 7:29 AM, Aug 16, 2017

BOULDER, Colo. – A handwritten letter may be a thing of the past, but a Boulder couple is teaching an important lesson about love through the fading art.

In the 1950s, a long-distance relationship left Bob and Judy Rothe no choice but to write to each other.

“It was a way to keep our love going during this time we were apart,” Judy Rothe said.

“At that time, we did write love letters nearly every day,” Bob Rothe said.

For an entire year, their love played out on paper, but it wasn’t long until they were married and soon those 700 letters were tucked away in a wooden box.

They’d planned to open the box on their 25th wedding anniversary. Twenty-five years turned into 60 and those memories stayed tucked away until now.

“Why throw out love letters?” Bob Rothe asked. “They’re beautiful.”

It’s a page – or rather hundreds of them – proving their love has stood the test of time.

A local musician plans to turn the letters into a performance piece by setting them to music.