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Boulder-based Nite Ize builds tools for adventure

Posted at 12:06 PM, Jun 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-27 14:06:25-04

BOULDER, Colo. — Whether you’re camping, fishing, biking or just walking the dog, the weather is just right for us to get outdoors.

But you have to have the right tools for your adventure.

You’re in good company with a business built in Colorado’s backyard, making gadgets that fit in your backpack.

For example, a DoohicKey is actually a multi-tool key ring by a company called Nite Ize.

“We see them out on the bike trails,” said Nite Ize founder Rick Case. “We see them fishing, out camping. We see them even in contractors’ vehicles.”

Rick Case started Nite Ize in college at the University of Colorado and 30 years later, they’re still based in Boulder.

“Essentially, all the outdoor activities and the entrepreneurial spirit of the whole state is unlike anything I’ve ever seen the other places I’ve traveled,” Case said.

His company started with a simple wearable headlamp and has since expanded to more than 500 products. They are designed to organize your life, protect your gear and solve everyday problems.

“I think it comes down to innovation,” Case said. “We build a lot of product that’s never been built before and that’s a fun story to talk about.”

Nite Ize makes gear ties, carabiners, waterproof bags and cell phone accessories. They even make safety items for your bikes and your pets.

“So if you’re riding, you can have a circle of moving light,” Case said about their Spokelit wheel light product. “We have light-up flying discs that are fun, so you can play in the night. We have a lot of ways to illuminate your pet.”

And Case admits they like to have fun with their inventions.

“We came up with a product last year that is the first-ever light-up drink wrap,” Case said, showing off their Slaplit LED drink wrap.,

So whether you’re kicking back to relax or setting out to experience Colorado, take comfort knowing a local company is building all the quirky items you never knew you needed.