Bill would eliminate suspension for younger Colorado students

Bill would eliminate suspension for younger Colorado students
Posted at 10:38 AM, Mar 13, 2017

DENVER -- Should children in kindergarten or preschool be suspended if they misbehave? Suspension may be the most common type of discipline in public schools, but some lawmakers believe the punishment doesn’t work on younger-age children.

“If we want our children to succeed in school, they need to be in school and learn how to get along with other kids,” said Rep. Susan Lontine, D-Denver.

Representative Lontine is sponsoring a bill that would eliminate the suspension option for students under 8 years of age. However, the bill would allow suspension if a student harms themselves or other children.

The bill would require school districts to adopt prevention and early intervention strategies to reduce the need for early childhood and early elementary grade suspensions and expulsions.

The bill will be debated at the state Capitol later Monday.


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