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Bicyclists, pedestrians clash over rules on Cherry Creek Trail

Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 20:26:50-05

DENVER — Nearly everyone using the Cherry Creek Trail can agree it's one of Colorado’s gems. And yet there is a common disagreement about who should be using the trail.

“Every so often there will be two people jogging, and they will be taking a little extra space,” said one cyclist.

But pedestrians like Laurine Dickson Jones see cyclists differently. 

“I do think that some cyclists take it to an extreme. It’s almost if they feel like its racing,” said Jones.

Both sides say they have countless encounters to share.

“A biker came downhill super-fast and hit me on the arm,” said jogger, Erica Bloom.

“I ding my bell people get over but sometimes I ding my bell, and the person will move to the left,” said one cyclist. 

There are different points of view on how cyclists and pedestrians should share the trail. Those ideas are being shared along the trail and online. 

In a Next Door social media post, a pedestrian voiced her concern over the growing safety concerns with cyclists. She even suggested writing a letter to the city asking for more enforcement on the trail.

Piep van Heuven with bicycle Colorado says the issue isn't with cyclists; it's with the trail.

“I think when you look at the options of enforcement I think you first have to look at whether the enforcement infrastructure is appropriate,” said van Heuven. 

Van Heuven says the creek is narrow and doesn’t fit the city’s standard trail width. 

According to Denver Parks and Rec, the standard trail width in Denver is 12 feet. Most of the trails at Cherry Creek Trail are 10 feet and under.  

Van Heuven says there is also a significant lack of signage along the trail. 

“There isn't currently a lot of good signage on the Cherry Creek Trail, and this would be a great opportunity for the city to step up,” he said.

The City of Denver tells Denver7 its widening parts of the trail and plans to continue the project.