Baby cut from womb: Blog of 2nd day of trial

Posted at 10:53 AM, Feb 18, 2016
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The woman accused of attacking a pregnant Longmont woman and cutting the unborn baby from her womb returned to court Thursday for the second day of her trial.

Dynel Lane is a former nurse's aide accused of luring a pregnant woman to her home with a Craigslist ad for maternity clothes.

Michelle Wilkins was seven months pregnant when she saw the ad and went to Lane's house on March 18, 2015.

The district attorney says Lane hit Wilkins over the head with a lava lamp and stabbed Wilkins in the neck with the broken glass.

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Lane then cut Wilkins' abdomen, took the unborn baby and left Wilkins for dead, prosecutors say.

Thursday's testimony focused on the doctors at Longmont United Hospital, and highlight how the suspect and the victim were treated in the same hospital at the same time, both without knowing it.

Because livestreaming video is not allowed, we are recounting what is happening in the courtroom with this live blog:

LIVE BLOG FROM COURT - Day 2 of Trial:

Dr. Berg said Wilkins was in surgery for about five hours. She remained in the hospital for five days.

Next, Dr. Brian Nelson, OBGYN, took the stand.

"One of the emergency department nurses saw me, she kind of gave me a quick story that Dynel apparently had delivered a pre-term baby at home. The placenta, she had said, was still attached to the baby," Dr. Nelson testified. "They had already pronounced the baby dead."

"When I arrived, Dynel and [a] man were sitting in chairs facing the back wall. The man was holding the baby, weeping."

"[Lane] wasn't saying anything... she sort of had a blank look on her face," Nelson stated.

Nelson treated Wilkins in the emergency department and then returned to treat Lane, who was already talking to law enforcement officers.

"[Lane] told me that she was at home and a pregnant woman had come to her house to purchase some baby clothes. And that while she was there, Michelle had, for some reason, attacked Dynel with a knife," Nelson testified.

Lane also said Wilkins had started stabbing herself, Dr. Nelson said.

"Dynel was concerned about the welfare of the baby," Nelson testified. "Dynel felt she had to save the baby's life and therefore cut the baby out of [Wilkins]."

Nelson said he performed a physical exam, a pelvic exam and an ultrasound on Lane's uterus.

Nelson described Wilkins' injuries.

"There was a large laceration across her abdomen," Nelson said. "Her small intestines were out of her abdomen and she was kind of holding them in her hands."

"It was actually a pretty decent caesarian section," Nelson testified. "It was somewhat consistent with a first-year intern performing their first. The incision was a little bit, it was too big, and the muscles were cut instead of separated, but it was roughly in the right area, going through the right layers."

After Nelson was dismissed, the prosecution called emergency room nurse Mary Berggren.

Berggren said she treated Lane on Jan. 22, before the attack on Wilkins.

Lane had complained of being light-headed and said she'd had an argument with her fiance, Berggren testified.

"[Lane] denied that she was pregnant but she did state that she had irregular periods," said Berggren.

A detective with the Longmont Police Department also took the stand. He talked about the evidence that was found inside Lane's home after a search warrant was filed. He also showed some of the evidence that was found at the scene.

"Immediately upon entry, you could see drops of blood coming from downstairs and upstairs," said Detective Mark Deaton. The detective would then go to show several of the items found inside Lane's home. 

He would not be the only detective to testify Thursday.

Detective Sarah Pierce, also with the Longmont Police Department, took the stand next. 

Pierce showed evidence involving cell phone records, Facebook messages and Internet searches that involved Dynel Lanel. 

In one particular piece of evidence, Pierce showed what appeared to be a Google search from Lane's Samsung tablet; "What happens to your cervix after birth?" 

Soon after her testimony was over, the court adjourned for the day. A spokesperson for the Boulder's District Attorney's Office told Denver7 there's a chance the prosecution could rest its case on Friday, but they still have a few more witnesses to question. 

Dynel Lane's attorney's would then take over in the trial. 

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