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Aurora man finds vintage Colorado State Patrol badge, hopes to find owner's family

Posted at 6:29 PM, Nov 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 17:36:54-05

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — An Aurora man who said he's a collector of "a lot of things" recently came across a vintage Colorado State Patrol badge while going through old boxes.

"I have no idea where it even came from -- a flea market? A garage sale?" said Rob Heikens.

From an engraving on the back of the badge, Heikens learned it belonged to a State Patrol captain by the name of HW Handrick. The engraving said he started his service in 1935 and retired in 1961.

"It was interesting," said Heikens. "I thought, wow! And then I read the back, and I thought this has to get back to the family."

That's what Heikens hopes he can help do, but de doesn't expect to find Captain Handrick.

"They couldn't be looking for it at this stage of the game anyway," he said. "If I was one of the grandkids or something, I'd love having that."

It's a badge of honor that could connect the Handrick family's past to its present.

"It would just be a nice thing to do for somebody," said Heikens. "I don't have any big idea that's going to be life-changing for me, but hopefully it'll do something for them."