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Aurora family turns boring quarantine dinner time into epic dress up dinner time

Yvette Brewer family_mystery dinner party
Posted at 6:21 AM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 08:21:22-04

AURORA, Colo. — After a month of being stuck at home, Aurora mom Yvette Brewer wanted to give her family something to look forward to.

“We were so bored,” she said.

So, Yvette came up with an idea: a mystery dinner party.

“The first night wasn’t as elaborate as dressing up the table,” she said. “It was (a game of) who can find a missing crown in the house,” Yvette said. “But after that night, I thought, ‘I should be setting and do more elaborate decorations’ and then we all joined together to figure out more themes. We put all the themes in a cup, pick from it to see what we would do the next day.”

“These three were very excited,” said dad Dave Brewer off his wife and two daughters. “I came around and started enjoying it as we started doing more of them. It was fun.”

For three weeks in a row, the Brewers cooked up a creative dinner idea. Everything from Disney night to ‘80s night, golf night to country night, zoo night to wedding night.

“Wedding night was just really crazy,” said one of the daughters, Kaylee Brewer. “My mom was really crazy about that one. Circus was really funny too with my dad being the bearded lady.”

Dave admitted it was a fun costume.

“It’s been a big hit with everyone at my work,” he said. “I’m pretty sure that picture is going to come back to haunt me for years to come.”

The Brewers didn’t go out or get special deliveries to dress up their dinners. The family found all the costumes and decorations from inside their home.

“Most of our outfits were just left over,” said daughter Alyssa Brewer, 13. “We used old Halloween costumes and some of my baton costumes.”

Yvette said all the decorations were from their house and things she pulled from different rooms and storage.

“We cleaned our basement so that helped,” she said.

The Brewers say after 15 days of themed dinners, it was time to finally clear off the table.

“We’re hoping when the girls grow old and talk about the quarantine and the stay-at-home orders that they’ll have fun and exciting stories as opposed to some more boring ones that other people might have,” Dave said.

The Brewers had one final themed dinner to celebrate their oldest daughter Alyssa’s 13th birthday.