Woman arrested 8 times for drinking and driving

Posted at 7:31 AM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 09:37:40-05

An Aspen woman has been arrested eight times for alcohol-related traffic offenses.

Kari Aaeng, 54, was arrested Friday, after allegedly hitting her ex-husband's teen daughter in the face. An intoxilyzer breath test showed she had an alcohol level of .297, police said.

According to the police report, officers tried to pull over Aaeng at about 11:45 a.m.

"[The] driver of the vehicle gave no indication that she was aware of my emergency lights, or that I was attempting to pull her over," the arresting officer said in a report. The officer also indicated that she seemed to be having trouble operating the manual transmission.

Aaeng pulled over in front of the Hotel Aspen, got out of her car and started walking toward the patrol car, police said.

"[She] needed to stead herself against my car to maintain balance," the officer stated. "I could smell a very strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath."

According to police, Aaeng admitted she had been drinking vodka but refused to perform a roadside sobriety test, saying, "Just arrest me."

Officers handcuffed Aaeng and put her in a patrol car.

According to the police report, Aaeng said, "I'm going to go to prison... I've had four DUIs."

Police said it was Aaeng's eighth arrest for alcohol-related traffic offenses. Aaeng was convicted in six of those cases.

Aaeng is now charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with excessive alcohol content, assault and child abuse.