As temperatures drop off, options for family recreation amid COVID-19 drop off as well

Posted at 4:35 PM, Oct 05, 2020

DENVER -- While the weather is still warm, Gigi Hahl's kids still have time to get outside and enjoy Denver's open spaces.

"They do some learning in the morning and then they play a lot of the day," said Hahl. "All the of the rec centers are closed, so everything is at home and we just get creative."

But this year, as the temperatures drop off, so too will the opportunities for kids to gather. The city has not posted on when its 30 recreation centers will re-open.

"All Denver Recreation Centers and Pools are closed until further notice as details on how to open safely and equitably while minimizing the potential spread COVID-19 are determined," reads a notice on the city's website.

Hahl has a plan in place for the winter she says, including outdoor activities and family games. But she says she will miss the community that the recreation centers provide.

"The rec center has been a place for the community. We know all the people that work there. It is just two blocks away from our house," said Hahl. "I don’t just miss the rec center for our activities but I miss the people that we would connect with while we were there."

But as communities continue to stay six feet apart. Hahl says there are ways to stay connected.

"We have always adapted, we have always evolved and this is no different," she said. "I just encourage parents to get creative about ways to have fun."