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Arvada City Council rejects proposed Amazon facility

Amazon potentially coming to Arvada
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jun 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-15 12:26:08-04

UPDATE | Tuesday, 2 a.m. — The Arvada City Council voted 5-2 to reject the rezoning and annexation of land for a proposed Amazon distribution center.


The Arvada City Council will vote Monday evening on zoning changes that would clear the way for a proposed Amazon distribution center, which several residents have spent months trying to block.

Renne Stark and her mother, Alice Nichol, have spent months trying to stop an Amazon distribution center from coming to western Arvada.

"It would take out a bunch of the natural area over there. It’s like 36 acres, with a 25-acre parking lot — the biggest in all of Arvada. Twenty-four/seven noise and lights and pollution, and it isn’t a fit for the area. And that is the ultimate thing, it’s incompatible use," said Stark.

So far, they’ve gathered more than 9,000 signatures against the project.

"Why would the city of Arvada annex property to make it work against the residents and for a business?" asked Nichol.

Arvada’s Community and Economic Development Department says it hosted two community meetings to gather input and even created a webpage for people to learn more about the project.

The park, trees and the trail that borders the property will not be removed. Studies have been done to decide which trees on property could also be saved.

The developer, Scannel Properties, believes the facility matches the area but neighbors say it will turn a green piece of land into a concrete jungle.

"It is just a total disconnect of big business and people who live here and work here and own business," said Stark.

Amazon believes the project is great for economic growth in the community. A spokesperson with the company said, in part, "This project is great for the economic growth of Arvada. It meets all applicable local, regional, and state design and development regulations and uses extensive buffering, strategic operations and thoughtful facility design. As proposed, the facility is a relatively low intensity use that fits well within the future land use that has been envisioned by the City of Arvada for 45 years.

"The proposed facility actually dedicates land to add to the adjacent park. We have provided a substantial buffer from the park compared to the requirements of the zoning district we are seeking. Within this buffer, we are providing landscaping and a masonry wall to screen parking from the park. The project implements a detention pond that meets both local and state design regulations for the water quality and quantity, mitigating concerns about flooding. The project will also be planting more than 800 trees"

"This will destroy not only the wildlife, but the way of life in west Arvada," said Stark.

After months of debate, it’s now up to city council to determine the next best steps and if a tech giant will be moving into town. The city council meeting starts at 6 p.m.