Arvada reassures residents discolored water coming from faucets is safe

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jun 21, 2017

ARVADA, Colo. – The City of Arvada is reassuring residents that the discolored water pouring out of people’s faucets is perfectly safe.

"I don't feel safe drinking it or giving it to my kids," said Arvada resident Efren Torres. He's had yellow water since Tuesday night. 

Reports of the yellow-colored water began pouring into city hall this week. But the city says tests reveal the weird color is due to manganese, a mineral that does not cause any adverse health effects.

The element "exists naturally in streams and waterways. We have it in our bodies, and is not at a dangerous level at all," city spokeswoman Maria VanderKolk told Denver7.

The city says manganese is not regulated for its health impact, since it’s largely benign. However, the mineral is regulated for the aesthetic impact on drinking water, such as discoloration and staining. Samples collected by the city show the level of manganese is below the regulatory standards.

The city says people are probably seeing the mineral in their drinking water because the area’s sweltering temperatures is creating a bigger demand on the water system. Manganese and other elements settle during the winter months and are often flushed out when higher volumes of water pass through.

The City of Arvada is currently working to eliminate the discoloration by better matching the chemistry of water leaving the city’s treatment plants, as well as flushing discolored water from some areas to eliminate it from the system.

Residents can rid any remaining discoloration in their homes by opening the cold water faucet and allowing cold water to run for several minutes to clear it out. If water discoloration persists for an extended period of time, call Water Quality at 720-898-7802 or Water Treatment at 720-898-7820.