Arvada judge orders pit bull to be euthanized after it attacked a couple's dog

Posted at 5:23 PM, Jul 29, 2019

ARVADA, Colo. -- An Arvada judge ruled Monday that a pit bull involved in an attack on another dog in April that injured the dog and both of its owners, should be euthanized.

Dianne Price says her husband, Zig, was getting back from a walk with their golden doodle when she saw a neighbor’s pit bull run up and attack it.

“She went after Honey and she ripped out her throat and was ripping all the hair off her chest and her ears and Honey was just shaking and crying,” Price said.

Her husband tried to get the dog off but was knocked down and bitten in the face. So, Price tried to pry the pit bull off of her dog.

“I stuck my hands under the pit bull’s jowls and tried to grab it to get it to let go of the dog and that’s when it bit me twice,” she said. “It was the most terrifying thing I had ever been in.”

The couple was taken to the hospital and their dog was taken to a veterinarian. Their medical bills from the attack ended up costing about $10,000. Honey required nearly 100 stitches and suffered from a broken leg. Her veterinary bill was another $1,500.

In June, that same pit bull was involved in another attack on a husky. The husky’s injuries were so bad that it was euthanized.

The owners of the dog didn’t want to speak with Denver7 on camera, but in a letter to the Arvada court said that their dog had been attacked by the pit bull in the past and that they believe the dog is dangerous.

During a court hearing Monday, the pit bull’s owners pleaded guilty to the attack and a judge ordered them to pay fines. The judge also decided that the pit bull should be euthanized that evening.

Price is not sure whether she will get any restitution.

“The city said it’s going to try to collect from them but don’t count on it,” Price said.

She is still recovering from her injuries and says she’s dealing with a lot of emotional trauma from the incident.

“It will affect my life for the rest of my life. I’m nervous, I’m jumpy,” she said.

More than anything, Price says she doesn’t want another family to suffer from another pit bull attack.

“You’re heartbroken when you see your animal just torn apart,” she said.