Are the Broncos the biggest cheaters in the NFL? One site claims they are

Are the Broncos the biggest cheaters in the NFL? One site claims they are
Posted at 3:42 PM, Aug 16, 2017

DENVER — When it comes to cheating in the NFL, one thing is clear — all teams do it. Every team has committed at least some violation of a rule in the history of the league, but not all cheaters were created equal.

Ask any Denver Broncos fan who the biggest cheaters in the league are, and some may say the New England Patriots, who recently were in the headlines over the well-known Deflategate debacle, but followers of a popular cheating watchdog might give a different answer.

According to, the Broncos are the largest cheaters in NFL history. Although the league doesn't make available any rankings or a list of league violations, the watchdog site claims to source its information back to league rules and media reports.

The Broncos are allegedly the largest cheaters of both the AFC and NFC, having committed 53 'points' worth of cheating. The nearest comparable team would be the New York Jets, which has 50 committed 'points' worth of cheating.

Where are the Patriots? Middle of the pack, according to the site, which says the Pats have committed '26' points worth of cheating. 

According to the site, here's how the Broncos' cheating history breaks down:

Fourteen 'real' cheats have been executed by the team, according to the site, including the use of performance enhancing drugs (12 times since 2003), committing salary cap violations, spying on other teams, using slime to make tackles difficult, committing contract violations, equipping offensive linemen with radio speakers, falsifying injury information, faking on-field injuries, wearing incorrect uniforms, hiring agents to learn and divulge signals of other teams through lipreading, along with several other cheats the entire league partakes in. 

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