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After more than a year of being separated, sepsis support group meets once again

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Posted at 4:02 PM, Jun 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-21 20:36:26-04

DENVER -- It's been more than a year since Victoria Mugo has met in-person with members of the sepsis support group she co-founded.

"Today's important, an important day for us," said Mugo.

Mugo started the support group, because like all of its members, she needed a place where she could go to talk about the loss of her limbs.

Her journey to recovery started two years ago.

"In 2019, unfortunately, I got a bout of pneumonia," said Mugo, "they told me no, Victoria, you are very, very sick. You are actually septic."

Mugo was taken to the Medical Center of Aurora, where she eventually fostered a relationship with Carol Golas, the Sepsis Coordinator at the center.

Mugo's sepsis eventually led to other complications, like organ failure, which led to the amputation of all four of her limbs.

"My hands and my feet were not getting enough of that oxygenated blood. That is how I ended up losing my limbs because if they're not, if you're not getting enough blood, then you get the tissues die," she said.

While waking up without her limbs was something Mugo said she never thought possible, she was just happy to have her son by her side.

Now, more than a year later, she's ecstatic to be back alongside her support group.

"If you have somebody else who's been through what you've been through, or similarly, what you've been through, I think it's important to have a community where you can just take a minute to vent to talk about it," she said.

All of the groups members say they're ready to support one another through every hurdle recovery throws their way.