Petition to recall Frederick mayor, trustees gains more than needed signatures

Posted at 6:42 AM, Apr 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-24 09:53:56-04

FREDERICK, Colo. – Residents of Frederick say they welcome growth but want to protect the small town feel of their community. 

"Frederick has deep roots in wanting to keep characteristics of the small-town community,” said Frederick resident Rusty O’Neal.

O’Neal started a petition to recall Frederick Mayor Tony Carey and Board Trustees Fred Skates and Donna Hudziak. He already has more than enough signatures for a special election.

“This [petition] box is full of 320 signatures,” said O’Neal.

According to O’Neal, the problems first started when the mayor approved a four-story building that exceeded the height requirements stated in the town's land-use code. O’Neal says the city violated the land code use once again by proposing to bring a Sonic restaurant too close to residential properties.

“The Sonic property will be 44 feet from the backyards of several residential homes,” said O’Neal.   

O’Neal says the biggest push behind the petition is the town's reckless spending. He says right now, the town of about 10,000 people has a $5.6 million deficit.

Denver7 reached out to the mayor for a comment but he declined to speak.

Fred Skates is one of the trustees named on the petition, and he says he doesn't see the reasoning behind why a petition is circulating.  

“I think it's kind of crazy,” said Skates.

Skates says they did change the land use code, because the town needs housing and Sonic’s distance, in his opinion, isn’t close. Skates says they are handling the budget deficit by turning to the reserves.

O’Neal says he no longer trusts some of his town leaders.

“The citizens here feel like they are not being listened to,” he said.

A date for that special election will be determined soon. 

To learn more on the recall efforts, just click on this website:

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