"A cold slap in the face" soon to hit Denver; how to stay prepared

Posted at 4:40 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 00:14:34-05

DENVER -- Courtesy of our freezing friends from Alaska, a bitter weather pattern will batter the Denver area over a three-day period. 

According to Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson it will feel like a "cold slap in the face." He suggested everybody know what is heading Denver's way and be prepared for the worst.

Nelson said the metro area can expect between two to four inches of snow Tuesday that will begin falling in the morning and persist through midnight. It could make for a messy commute. 

What might make matters worse is what is in store for the area on Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures are expected to dip into sub-zero and freezing levels. 

On Wednesday, it could snow, but it will reach zero degrees, with a high of 15 degrees. On Thursday, expect it to be colder. It will hit negative five degrees, but eventually jump back to about 20 degrees.

After that, Denver will see some respite from the Alaskan front. 

Nelson advised Coloradans to remember their pets, saying if it's too cold outside for you, it's too cold for a pet. He also advised disconnecting hoses outside and checking on elderly neighbors. 

But the king of issues as snowfall begins in Denver is winter readiness on the roads. 

Drivers are advised to slow down and provide distance between cars in front of them, as black ice isn't easily visible. 

In addition to driving intelligently, there are a host of items every driver should keep handy on a daily Colorado basis in the winter. 

1.) First-aid kit. 

In the event of a crash, a buffed up first-aid kit could be life or death. In the event of a small cut, it certainly would come in handy. Truly, there's no reason not to keep one in your car year-round. 

2.) Anti-freeze.

Keep a jug of winter-ready window fluid around at all times, as you never know when it might come in handy. 

3.) Car kit.

Average car kits come with some hyper useful things, like jump cables. Winter and cold temperatures have a habit of draining batteries on all devices, including your car. A helpful hint is to include a blanket in every car kit, or at least nearby. 

4.) A small shovel.

For those times when you forget to slow down and end up in a snow bank, a shovel will help bail you out. It also can help in a pinch if more snow falls than expected while at work. For those who park on the street during the winter, not owning a shovel could be costly.

5.) Kitty litter.

In addition to providing a bit of weight in the truck (helpful for those cars that don't have four-wheel drive), kitty litter can help provide much-needed traction in the event of a vehicle getting stuck. You'll look silly toting it around, but you'll thank every cat in the world once kitty litter bails you out. 

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