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91-year-old woman who moved to Colorado living without furniture amid moving company nightmare

June Amend
Posted at 11:53 AM, May 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-31 21:30:20-04

DENVER — June Amend has been waiting for her furniture for weeks. The 91-year-old moved from Arkansas to Colorado on May 2.

"I just feel lost," said Amend. "It's just, it's horrible. It doesn't feel like home."

Her daughter, Gail Bolter, hired Alliance Moving and Storage to get her furniture from Amend's hometown to Denver. The proceeding 26 days have caused Amend, Bolter and their family headaches and frustrations as they try to find their mother's belongings.

"I'm tired of fighting with these companies," said Bolter. "They've made my life a living hell for the last two and a half weeks."

According to Bolter, the problems began the day the move started. Instead of movers from Alliance Moving and Storage showing up to Amend's residence in Arkansas, the company contracted with American Home Relocation.

She was required to pay the new moving company another fee to pick up her furniture. Since then, she has struggled to keep tabs on who has her furniture and where it is. According to an email from Alliance Moving and Storage, the company would professionally guide the customers through the process in "door-to-door service."

"There's been no professional guidance," said Bolter, who has spent more than $3,000 with both companies. "And there's been no door-to-door service because it's never ended up at the other door in my first month."

A Better Business Bureau Review of Alliance Moving and Storage shows similar complaints.

The company "lied to me many times with false guarantee of moving pickup dates," said one review.

"Poor customer service and lack of communication resulted in a very unsatisfactory experience," said another.

We reached out to Alliance for comment on Amend's belongings. A representative said the contract says the company has 30 days to deliver the furniture. Denver7 looked at their contract, however, and could not find such clause.

Amend has lived in a hotel for most of her month in Colorado. Her family was able to purchase her a bed for her mobile home but most of the home remains unfurnished. She has no idea when her belongings will finally arrive.

"You just don't do things like this to people," Amend said. "I would like to have my own stuff. I like to be more independent."