7 ways to identify a Colorado native, by a Colorado native

Posted at 4:24 PM, Mar 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 15:41:19-04

DENVER – Can you tell a Colorado native from a newcomer?

There are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) differences that easily give away a native in any situation.

Here are 7 ways to identify a native:

Our disdain for Texas and California
Bring up those two states in a conversation and prepare for a hours-long angry speech that goes nowhere. We can’t help it. We are taught from a young age to despise everything California or Texas, and we don’t even know why at this point.


Shorts in winter
Winter is not always 80-degree days. Believe it or not, it sometimes snows in Colorado. But come snow or shine, you’ll see many natives in their winter wardrobe: shorts and a thick coat.


Colorado threads
It used to be that only tourists would be seen wearing Colorado-branded clothing, but now it appears to be a trending fashion choice around the country. But you’ll still won’t find many natives wearing the Colorado flag.


Broncos gear
There is one branded clothing you’ll see many natives wearing: Broncos jerseys. But not just jerseys, a true native will have a Broncos hat, Broncos bumper stickers, window decals, flags, glassware, pillows, blankets, Ipads, gravy boats, lawn mowers....

The native sticker
It’s the easiest way to identify a native. The universally-hated “native” bumper sticker that some proudly adorn to the back of their Subaru has been a tradition going back many generations. And we’re not going to stop!


The 14er
You may have not climbed one but you have probably summited one. Fourteeners are a rite of passage for many natives as you can’t walk far without bumping into one. The state is home to 53 mountain peaks with an elevation of 14,000 feet.


Casa Bonita
Yes, it had to be mentioned. No serious Colorado native listicle can preclude this Colorado icon. If you were born here, you've been to Casa Bonita.



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