7 ways DPS says federal cuts may impact your student

7 ways DPS says federal cuts may impact your student
Posted at 12:01 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 14:01:05-04

DENVER – The Denver Board of Education is pleading with Congress to reject Trump’s proposed budget that they say would significantly reduce funding for a wide range of programs.

The board, noting that Denver Public Schools heavily relies on federal funding, passed a resolution Thursday night that they hope reaches federal lawmakers.

DPS officials say if the administration’s proposed education cuts go through, thousands of Denver students, teachers and community members will be negatively impacted.

Here are some of the ways the cuts might impact your student, according to DPS:

  • After school programs, which serve roughly 1.6 million children annually, including more than 3,500 students in District-sponsored programs alone, which have been shown to increase academic performance, improve classroom behavior, decrease risky activities including drug use, encourage physical activity, and provide a safe and constructive childcare option for working families.
  • Title II, which provides professional development and other supports to District teachers
  • Pell Grants, which many District graduates from low-income families rely on in part to be able to afford to attend institutions of higher education.
  • Financial aid for extremely low-income students.
  • The federal work-study program.
  • Programs who partner with AmeriCorps, whose fellows serve more than 5,000 DPS students throughout the district through small group math and literacy tutoring.
  • Medicaid, which provides children’s health care insurance for approximately 49,406 District students, or 54% of our student body.


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