7 types of Colorado drivers that drive us crazy

Posted at 2:09 PM, Apr 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 16:11:01-04

DENVER – Colorado roads are increasingly getting crowded while drivers’ nerves are getting shorter. Why are we more prone to anger sitting inside a car as opposed to sitting on our couch at home? Maybe because we encounter some pretty bad drivers every time we hit the road.

Here are seven types of Colorado drivers that drive us nuts:

The red-light creeper
This driver slowly moves their car forward an inch every half second while stopped at a red light. By the time the light turns, they’re practically in the middle of the intersection. Maybe they think the traffic light will somehow notice they’re becoming impatient and turn green? Whatever the reason, this type of driver creeps us out!

I’ll let the force (of the wind) clean off my car
This type of Colorado driver says to themselves, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” when they walk out and see their car covered in snow. If you’re stuck behind this driver, you’ll be dodging ice bullets and snow missiles.

What are blinkers?
This driver hasn’t quite grasped the concept of the blinker just yet. Give them time, they’ll slowly turn to using the newfangled devices. After all, those traffic tickets are getting expensive!

The courtesy wave
We all want a little acknowledgement when we do something kind for someone else. But this driver doesn’t reciprocate when we let them in. Didn’t your parents raise you better? A short courtesy wave is all we ask.

The zipper merge controversy
The beauty of the zipper merge is not lost on many drivers, but some still struggle with the method and perhaps even with their own zippers. The method involves drivers taking turns (much like a zipper) when merging onto highways. It's a simple enough concept, but some drivers are apparently into the 'button fly.'

Slow pokes in the left lane
This (slow) driver spends most of their life in the fast lane, literally! There is nothing more frustrating than encountering a left-lane slow poke when you’re trying to pass a right-lane slow poke.

Sneaking a left turn
You’ll see these Colorado drivers at intersections with no left-turn signal. But that doesn’t stop them, they pull a fast left turn just a split-second before the light turns green, sometimes coming within inches of oncoming traffic.


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