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7 tips for decorating a Christmas tree

Posted at 9:24 AM, Nov 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 12:32:44-05

Denver7 connected with a Christmas tree designer and decorator to share the following seven decorating tips to make your tree stand out during the holidays.

1.    Use various lights in combinations. Solid color, twinkling motion lights, and solid white. Don’t under-light your tree, you want your tree to glisten and move.  The variations of lights added to your tree will add dimension and will help your décor on the tree sparkle.

2.    Work from the “pole out." Everyone wants to cover the tree, but they must start from the inside first.

3.    Bulk & scale – Floral Mesh Wrap, large plastic ornaments, bouquets, stuffed décor, boxes, signs, anything non-ornamental you can use as well to add heft to your tree. Just think “large” scaled items on this step. They are going to be stuffed in the gaps of the tree to fill and showcase.

4.    Picks & stems used to place in groupings to spill out of the tree. You want to show connections with your bulk and scale items (outlined in tip 3 above).

5.    Variety with repetition ornaments. Buy several of these items, as they are the jewelry of the tree.  They will help “marry” the tree décor and be pleasing and connective visually.

6.    Sentimental “story” ornaments. These are the final touches that will showcase your special ornaments that mean so much to you and your family.

7.    Topper or headpiece.  Don’t forget to decorate the top of the tree and the bottom of the tree. You will need multiple types of stems and a “focal piece” at the top of the tree. For the bottom, create a grouping that will make your tree feel connected to the home. Just remember, decorating a Christmas tree is progressive, just as a story is.  You have time for it to evolve and grow over the years.

Tips provided by: Alexa Nugent – Christmas Tree Designer