7 new things we've learned about the JonBenet Ramsey case

Major looks into the case provided new details
Posted at 3:38 PM, Sep 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 17:38:18-04

BOULDER, Colo. -- As JonBenet Ramsey’s death approaches its 20th anniversary, a second look at the case captured the attention of millions of Americans.

The case first invaded headlines in 1996, when two parents called 911 about their 6-year-old daughter found dead in the basement of their Boulder home. The child died after she suffered a blow to her head, which broke her skull, and strangulation. 

In September, major networks and national shows delved deeper into the case, searching for new clues and perspective about the young girl’s murder.

Perhaps most interestingly, after two series wrapped up their shows on the case on Monday, they each explored potential suspects.

CBS, in their docu-series, revealed who hired investigators believe killed JonBenet. On Dr. Phil, they explored a nameless suspect.

1.) Unheard 911 tape reveals new details. 

In “The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey” CBS’s team of hired investigators looked into the case, reviewing 911 tape that kept rolling after Patsy Ramsey believed she hung up her phone. On the phone call, the team believed they heard John Ramsey say “We’re not speaking to you,” and Patsy say “What did you do?” CBS Investigators believe they were speaking to JonBenet’s brother.

2.) JonBenet's brother proposes a theory he says is likely. 

Dr. Phil also took a deeper look into the story, speaking with the only person who hadn’t publicly commented on the case — JonBenet’s brother, Burke Ramsey. In his conversations, Burke said he always believed a pedophile who had seen the beauty queen perform sneaked into the house and murdered his sister.

3.) CBS directly contradicts Burke Ramsey's theory.

CBS’s team, however, recreated a life-sized version of JonBenet’s house. In it, they performed their own investigation using reports from the night of the murder. They ruled out the possibility of an intruder breaking into the home based on the evidence they collected, including police reports from around the time of murder.

4.) Evidence, to Burke Ramsey, tells the story of his family's innocence. 

To Dr. Phil, Ramsey contradicted suggestions that anybody in his family committed the killings, saying the evidence tells the story.

“What more evidence do you need that we didn't do it?”

Ramsey said his father is a genuine person, his mother wasn't violent and he was in bed at the time of the murder.

5.) Burke Ramsey still talks to his sister.

Burke Ramsey said he wants the world to remember his sister. He revealed in his interviews with Dr. Phil that he still talks to his sister, whom he says is helping him through his time on Earth, which he called a test. “Like, ‘Hey, thanks for looking out for me,'” Ramsey said. “'Hope you're having fun up there.'”

6.) The public has heard the last from Burke Ramsey. 

Ramsey said the media will not hear from him again. He said he plans to live a quiet life, not giving another interview publicly. That doesn’t mean the case will go away. Police say the official investigation is very much open.

7.) CBS Investigators accuse Burke Ramsey of killing his sister. 

At the end of their investigation, CBS team members revealed they believe Burke Ramsey, who was 9-years-old at the time, killed his sister. A renowned forensic pathologist who was on the show, said he agrees.

“If you really, really use your free time to think about this case, you cannot come to a different conclusion,” Dr. Werner Spitz said. “It's the boy who did it.”


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