5 Things to Know for Thursday, July 26

5 Things to Know for Thursday, July 26
Posted at 7:34 AM, Jul 26, 2018

Good morning. Here are 5 Things to Know for Thursday, July 26, 2018. 

1. Westminster fire updates

The two people who died fire at the Westbury Apartments on W. 115th Avenue in Westminster have been identified by the coroner's offices. If you'd like to help out the people who were displaced by this large fire, you have lots of options

2. Water on the roads this morning

While driving into work this morning, you may find that some of the roads you normally drive on are flooded. Authorities are reminding residents not to drive over flooded streets. Here's the latest on local traffic

3. One Arizona trooper injured, one dead, after shooting

Authorities said a person whom police were trying to arrest Wednesday evening took an officer's gun and shot two Arizona troopers, killing one of them. 

4. Dockless scooters and bikes are back in the game

Well, sort of. Denver has approved the necessary permits for dockless scooters and bike companies to kick off their pilot programs. Here's more on what those programs will look like

5. Metro homes worth more than pre-recession

A new report from Zillow has some good news for Denver Metro homeowners: More than 99 percent — 99.6 percent, to be exact — of homes in this area are worth more than they were pre-recession. That is the highest percentage of homes in any city across the country.