2 juveniles hit by a car in southeast Denver, 1 of them seriously hurt

Police: 14-year-old in surgery for injuries
Posted at 2:22 PM, Jul 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-14 02:30:44-04

Police say an erratic driver plowed into a group of young teenage boys who were traveling in the westbound bike lane on East Yale Avenue, near Robert McWilliams Park Wednesday afternoon.

One of the boys was able jump out of the way, but two others were injured from the impact.  Both were taken to Denver Health.

Their bicycle, skateboard and tennis shoes remained in the street while investigators talked to witnesses.

DPD Traffic Investigations Sgt. David Bingham said one of the victims, a 14 year old boy, suffered severe/borderline critical injuries, and was undergoing emergency surgery at Denver Health.

He said the other victim, age 13, wasn't seriously injured and is expected to be okay.

"The family of the youngsters have recently been diverted by phone calls from family and friends to the hospital, so we have victim's assistants there to speak with them," Bingham said. 

Witnesses told police that the driver made a wide turn onto Yale from Colorado Boulevard and that she appeared to be driving erratically.

"When I say erratic, I'm not saying driving on the sidewalk or driving on people's lawns, Bingham said. "I'm saying she was not able to maintain lane assignment."

Bingham said the elderly driver was born in 1934.

Following the impact, the blue Audi continued westbound for five and a half blocks, rounded a curve, then drove into McWilliams Park, crossed Harvard Gulch, tearing up the grass in the process and leaving a trail of debris behind.

Debbie Parise arrived at the scene a few minutes later.

"I just saw everybody rushing to the car," she said, "and then the ambulance came and they took her away on a stretcher."

When asked if the driver suffered some kind of medical episode, Bingham replied, "We don't know, at this time, if it was a medical issue.  We don't know if it was an impairment issue.  But those facts will be investigated as soon as we put everything together."

The Sgt. said it may take several days, or possibly even weeks, to make that determination.  He said there were several witness and that they have to comb through their statements.

"We also have to check her driving history and talk to folks at the hospital," he said.

Bingham added that the collision did not appear to be a hit and run.

Several neighbors, who saw the commotion after the collision, said something needs to be done with that stretch of roadway from Madison to Cook.

"They need to take out the bike lane," said Denise Mongeau. "It's too dangerous.  Traffic goes too fast and the curve is kind of blind."

Neighbor Mike Miller told Denver7 he saw one of the boys lying on the pavement in the bike lane shortly after the accident.

He said he and his wife discussed what happened with their own young son.

"It's nerve-wracking," he said. "We ride a couple blocks in the bike lane.  That's the most we ride on Yale, just due to how the drivers are." 


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