2 high-ranking officials with Denver Public Works out after investigation

Posted at 7:32 PM, Jul 01, 2019

DENVER — Denver Public Works has immediate openings after its director of street maintenance, Kelly Duffy, resigned and manager Doug Legg was dismissed following a months-long investigation.

Legg was dismissed Monday for “engaging in misconduct,” according to a dismissal letter obtained by Denver7. Duffy resigned “while disciplinary action was being contemplated,” a DPW spokeswoman said.

Legg’s dismissal letter accuses the former DPW manager of fiscal misconduct and creating a hostile work environment.

“All of the person interviewed complained that you have a reputation for yelling and bullying, and rude, hateful, and intimidating conduct towards them and lower level employees. The witnesses described you as belittling and reported that you shame, humiliate and degrade employees and use your size to be intimidating,” read a portion of the alleged misconduct summary in the letter.

But Legg’s alleged bullying and hateful conduct at the department was not the only reason officials decided on disciplinary action. A 2018 trip both Duffy and Legg took to Europe was outlined in the letter as violating the city’s fiscal rule and code of ethics. The trip was paid for by heavy equipment manufacture HardLine Equipment, which has a contract with the city, the letter states.

When asked about the possible conflict of interest, Legg allegedly misled city auditors on the reason and funding for the travel.

Other reasons outlined in the letter for Legg’s dismissal include safety violations, disregarding employee input on equipment purchases and his alleged advertising for HardLine Equipment.