2 Aurora officers injured during pursuit, apprehension of murder suspect

Posted at 1:41 PM, Oct 04, 2020

AURORA, Colo. – Two officers with the Aurora Police Department sustained minor injuries Saturday afternoon following a pursuit that resulted in the arrest of a murder suspect and the alleged driver.

Jesus Aguirre-Flores, 26, was taken into custody in the area of East 14th Avenue and Del Mar Parkway. Khadijah Evans, 22, was arrested on charges of eluding.

Aguirre-Flores is wanted for an Aug. 17 hotel shooting that left one man dead.

The pursuit started ten minutes prior to the arrest after an APD officer spotted Aguirre-Flores in a vehicle in the area of East Colfax Avenue and Havana Street, police said.

An officer used his vehicle to forcibly end the pursuit in the location where the arrests were made.

Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman was performing a ride along during the chase in a unit commander’s vehicle, which was not involved in the maneuver used to terminate the pursuit, police said. Coffman was not injured.