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18-story building could possibly replace Turin Bike Shop next to Denver7 studio

Area of 7th & Lincoln under major transformation
Turin Bike Shop
Posted at 5:48 PM, Mar 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-30 20:46:42-04

DENVER — Catering to a growing metro area comes with a price, and it usually takes the biggest toll on the smallest businesses.

Another multi-story apartment complex is planned for the area near 7th and Lincoln in Denver’s Governor’s Park neighborhood. As a result of that redevelopment, Turin Bike Shop is going out of business. Coming soon in its place — a possible 18-story high rise.

On the opposite side of Turin is City Bakery, which is also likely to meet the same fate soon.

“We’re going to be developed,” said City Bakery owner Jenival Santos. “This whole area is going to be developed — it's probably going to be apartments, retail and parking lots."

City Bakery is a staple in Governor’s Park, now nearly a decade old.

“I think it would be really sad to lose a bakery like this and just lose a little bit of that neighborhood charm," said Taylor Circio, who lives and works in the neighborhood.

Mom and pop charm is falling victim, yet again, to redevelopment.

City Bakery and Turin Bikes were both recently purchased. Denver-based developer Carmel Partners has submitted plans for 700 Lincoln, which would mean knocking down one of Denver's oldest bike shops and replacing it with an 18-story mix of shops, parking and apartments.

”It's pretty sad because all the small business is going to be gone from here," Circio said.

It is definitely an area of town in major transition. A bird's eye view showcases that. Right behind Turin, 7/S Denver Haus now towers where a two-story mid-century building once stood. A block over, Denver-mainstay Racine's is gone, now a big hole where another multi-story mixed-use building will soon rise. A block south of that, The Gables apartments replaced a gas station, and a block east of that, Aspire 7th and Grant offers brand new luxury living.

“The neighborhood has changed a lot,” said Mary Coddington who lives nearby.

Near all of it, our building, the home of Denver7, will soon be demolished, too, recently purchased by PMG based out of New York and Miami.

”We were really excited to have Turin be across the street from us," said Evan Schapiro, who manages acquisitions for PMG. “That charm is what brought us to that specific neighborhood within Denver."

At the same time, Schapiro and PMG realize what's happening to Turin is somewhat similar to the redevelopment of Denver7 and the need for more housing in a city bursting at the seams.

”We never look at additional development as a threat to us," Schapiro said. “We understand, we’re just bummed.”

The difference being Denver7 needs to move for more space, while mom and pops are often forced out by pressures of redevelopment.

”Change all over the place,” Santos said. “That's development."

“That's happening to a lot of places where they're getting run out and they don't know where to go,” Circio said.

Both City Bakery and Turin have said they'd like to relocate, but neither business knows exactly where that might be.

Turin will be open again this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for additional close-out sales.