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11-year-old boy delivers speech to Aurora police officers during Saturday protest

Posted at 6:09 PM, Jun 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-29 20:09:50-04

DENVER — "My name is Nicholas Elijah Evans. I am an 11-year-old who will be attending Highlands Ranch STEM School in August."

That's how 11-year-old Nicholas Elijah Evans began his speech. Instead hanging out with friends Saturday afternoon, he chose to protest for justice in the Elijiah McClain case alongside his family and write out his thoughts that he then delivered in front of Aurora police.

"When people look at me, they don't see a black male, not yet anyway. Not until I turn 14 — I will be perceived as an aggressor versus an aspiring scholar like I want to be. I didn't understand what Black lives matter meant until I read the story of Elijah McClain. It's not that we are not agreeing that all lives should matter; we are saying that all lives will not matter until black lives matter too," Nicholas said in his speech.

The justice many people were fighting for ended abruptly when Aurora police moved in on what seemed to be a peaceful crowd.

Evans's mother, Amberly Taylor, says she worried about police escalation and got her family out before anything happened.

"As soon as I had seen the police move while Nick was talking, I started gathering my family to come back," Taylor said. "You have citizens who are scared of you, who you are paid to protect and serve, and we’re scared of you."

But Nicholas said fear didn't stop him from sharing his message.

"We demand justice for Elijah McClain. I could be next," he said.

Aurora police say the reason they decided to move in on the crowed was because of a small group of agitators who were putting officers and protesters at risk.