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'Rocky Mountain Oysters' among finalists for new minor league baseball team in Colorado Springs

Voting open until Aug. 1
Posted at 8:00 AM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 10:00:25-04

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — The five final names for the new Minor League Baseball team in Colorado Springs are out. As you'd expect, the names are both quirky and uniquely Colorado.

They include: Colorado Springs Happy Campers, Colorado Springs Lamb Chops, Colorado Springs Punchy Pikas, Colorado Springs Throttle Jockeys and Rocky Mountain Oysters.

We are getting a better idea at the reasoning behind each of them:

Colorado Springs Happy Campers

According to the voting website, "The Happy Campers celebrates Colorado Springs' positive attitude and our love of nature, camping and all things outdoors."

Colorado Springs Lamb Chops

"The largest and highest quality lamb in the world, the Lamb Chops is a nod to the World Famous Colorado Lamb," the website read. "We've got the chops!"

Colorado Springs Punchy Pikas

The voting website explained the name this way. "A small but fierce critter that calls Pikes Peak home, known for its iconic forceful bark." If you aren't familiar, a pika is a small mouse-like rodent. It is believed to be the inspiration for the Pokemon character, Pikachu.

Colorado Springs Throttle Jockeys

"Aim high!," the site said. "The Throttle Jockeys is a tribute to our brave pilots who train and call Colorado Springs home."

Rocky Mountain Oysters

This is certainly the most attention-grabbing name. As the website put it, "It's a classic Minor League Baseball name in the making, this original cowboy fare has already been made famous at Colorado fairs, festivals and baseball games."

You can vote for your favorite HERE. Voting is open now through Aug. 1 for your favorite name.