'I was going to die, she brought me back': Girlfriend saves life of Boulder teen struck by lightning

Posted at 9:47 PM, Jul 09, 2018

BOULDER, Colo. — A camping trip turned into a life or death situation Saturday for two teens, one who ultimately saved the other’s life.

“You light up my life,” Isaiah Cormier said to his girlfriend, Juliette.

“More than lightning?” she responded with a smile.

“More than lightning,” Cormier laughed.

The two were camping in Nederland on Saturday when Cormier was struck by lightning. Juliette found her boyfriend of two years face down on the ground without a pulse. She had taken a CPR class only a month before.

“I only had to do one round, and he came back and started gasping,” she explained. “And he stopped breathing again, so I gave him a second round of CPR after that he was breathing and doing alright.”

“I was going to die she brought me back,” Isaiah said. “I was going to die again she brought me back.”

A billion volts of electricity wasn’t going to break this bond of young love.

“I just I was like you cannot go, yet I have too many things I wanna do with you. You’re not allowed to leave me this soon,” Juliette said.

Just a day and a half after the strike, Cormier was released from the hospital.

“I’m excited to spend the rest of the life she gave me with her,” he said.

The only thing left behind from the bolt is an entry mark on his neck and a lot of sore muscles. He believes the lightning struck a nearby tree and jumped to him because he was wearing headphones around his neck.

“It’s a miracle recovery,” Juliette said. “His family started calling him flash, everyone we talked to asked what his superpower was and when the next Marvel movie is coming out.”

The two joked and smiled a lot, knowing things could have been much worse.

“I think I’m gonna win a lot of arguments in the future,” she said.