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Frazee trial: CBI agent says he doesn't know where investigation would be without Kenney's testimony

Frazee day 9
Posted at 11:34 AM, Nov 14, 2019
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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. — A lead agent in the Patrick Frazee murder case testified on Thursday morning that he doesn't know where the investigation would be without the testimony of Frazee's ex-girlfriend Krystal Lee Kenney, who was accused of helping Frazee murder Berreth but took a plea deal on a tampering charge.

Frazee's lead attorney, Adam Stiegerwald, pushed back on Kenney's testimony, pointing out that she only provided information to investigators after the plea deal was signed.

Also on Thursday, jurors heard more testimony about the DNA evidence discovered inside Berreth's townhome. Stiegerwald pointed out that evidence of Frazee's DNA was hardly found among the samples tested.

Mary Longmire, a Teller County Department of Human Services employee, testified about her conversation with Frazee, in which he provided information about his fraying relationship with Berreth and their contact before she disappeared. She said Frazee told her he talked with Berreth on Sunday morning, Nov. 24, and later received a text from Berreth, asking, "Do you even love me?" Frazee said he tried to respond, "Of course I do," but his text didn't go through, Longmire testified. Frazee said he did not hear from Berreth again, according to Longmire.

Jurors also heard detailed testimony about text exchanges between the phones of Frazee and Berreth, and Frazee and Kenney. And an FBI agent who specializes in cell phone data testified about the phone activity of all three of the phones from Nov. 23, when Kenney began driving from Idaho to Colorado, to Nov. 25, when Kenney returned to Idaho.

Frazee, 33, of Florissant, is accused of murdering Berreth, his 29-year-old fiancée, on Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Woodland Park. He is also accused of soliciting Krystal Lee Kenney, an Idaho resident whom he had dated, to help him carry out the murder.

He faces eight charges, including first-degree murder, tampering with a deceased body and solicitation. While he pleaded not guilty to the charges, Kenney took a plea deal, pleading guilty to a tampering charge and agreeing to testify at Frazee's trial. You can read about her testimony here and here .

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Prosecutors decided in July to not file a motion in pursuit of capital punishment, meaning Frazee will not face the death penalty in this case if he is found guilty.

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CBI analyst: Possible Frazee DNA on one area of home

Day 9 of the trial began with more testimony from Colorado Bureau of Investigation DNA analyst Caitlin Rogers, who had testified on Wednesday about the blood samples found at Berreth's home and the tooth fragments found on Frazee's property.

Frazee's attorney, Adam Stiegerwald, questioned Rogers about the evidence tested from Berreth's townhome after her disappearance last year, pointing out that Frazee's DNA was hardly found inside the home. He also noted that the hay sample and hay swine from Nash Ranch underwent a presumptive blood test and both came back negative.

In addition, he pointed out several other items that tested negative for blood, including possible blood on the right side of he fireplace, possible blood underneath the cedar chest, candles on the windowsill, a floor vent in the living room and more. He said Kenney isn't a contributor to many of the evidence points or swabs either, which Rogers confirmed.

During the cross-examination, Stiegerwald asked Rogers about the genetic material found inside Berreth's the home. Frazee was excluded from several of the tests, except for two samples found on the floorboard, Rogers confirmed.

Stiegerwald also pointed out that the Kenney's DNA was not detected inside Berreth's home. When the prosecution asked Rogers if she was surprised that Kenney's DNA wasn't found inside the townhome, she said no.

Kenney had testified that she wore a protective suit and gloves and cleaned Berreth's home with bleach, and Rogers said bleach destroys DNA.

CBI agent describes Berreth's office

The state called CBI agent Michael Hecht, who interviewed many of Berreth's coworkers at Doss Aviation after her disappearance. He has worked more than 12 years in law enforcement.

He said he was famiiar with Doss Aviation, where Berreth worked before she went missing.

On Dec. 4, he interviewed several flight instructors. He returned the following day to look through Berreth's work space for evidence, such as a suicide note, itinerary and more. He said he found no evidence that indicated where Berreth may have been.

A photo submitted into the evidence showed a typical desk area: A chair, a computer, a calendar with a Bible verse and a picture of Berreth and Frazee's young daughter, Kaylee.

DHS worker recounts interview with Frazee

The state then called Mary Longmire, who has worked for the Teller County Department of Human Services for 15 years, to the witness stand. She normally works as a supervisor, but sometimes steps in for “field work,” she said.

She became involved in the case after the department received a referral, she said, and her the director asked her to be the case worker. She recalled this happened on Dec. 21, which is the same day Frazee was arrested.

Police told her he was arrested for murder, she said. Longmire said she had to do interviews of anybody who sought custody of Kaylee.

She said she met with Berreth’s parents — Cheryl and Darrell Berreth — Sheila Frazee (Patrick Frazee’s mother), Erin Frazee (his sister) and her partner Pamela Flowers, and Frazee himself.

She said she talked with him on Dec. 21 and they went through paperwork. She talked with him again on Dec. 26. Prosecutor Viehman asked for more information on the latter discussion.

Longmire said she wanted to gather information on Frazee and Kaylee to complete a “social history” because the department wanted to give Kaylee to relatives who lived outside of Colorado.

Frazee provided her with a lot of information on Kaylee’s development and schedule, she said. He told her that he and Berreth had decided to separate and talked about their co-parenting plan, she said. Frazee also told her that they were separated when Kaylee was born and that Berreth never wanted to fix things, she said. He also said he was the sole bread winner and didn’t mention Berreth’s employment at Doss Aviation until a later date.

When asked about his relationship with Berreth in 2018, Frazee said she had gone to California for rehab for about two weeks and claimed it was for depression and alcohol, Longmire said. Frazee described friction in the relationship over money, telling Longmire they had "heated discussions" before Berreth got employed with Doss around August 2017, Longmire said.

Frazee said Berreth lived in an apartment when she first moved to Colorado and that she sometimes lived with him at his mother's home. In September 2017, Berreth's parents rented her a townhome in Woodland Park. Around this time, Frazee had been talking about Berreth's pregnancy, Longmire said. When Kaylee was born, Frazee said he would watch their daughter while Berreth was at work, but Longmire said there was no indication that Berreth "dumped off Kaylee" on Frazee.

Longmire then described the conversation she had with Frazee about Thanksgiving 2018. Frazee said Berreth called him to come pick up Kaylee on Nov. 21, the day before Thanksgiving. He said he agreed to meet her about 90 minutes later at the Florissant post office. Frazee said they talked about their relationship then and while driving to Nash Ranch to get water, Longmire said. Frazee said they talked about going their separate ways and that they would split custody of Kaylee equally.

After stopping at the ranch, Frazee got sick and threw up, he told Longmire. He said Berreth went to get medicine and returned with it, before taking Kaylee to her townhome. Frazee said Berreth texted him to say they made it home safely.

On Thanksgiving Day, Frazee said he talked with Berreth around 9-9:30 a.m. and told her he would pick up Kaylee about 12:30 p.m. that day. He told Longmire that he picked up Kaylee — Longmire said she assumed this took place at Berreth's home — and said he and Berreth agreed to talk again the next morning.

Frazee told Longmire they texted the next morning and decided that Kaylee would stay with him. He said he was supposed to keep the baby until 5:30 p.m., when they'd meet at the Florrisant post office. He said Berreth texted him to say he should keep Kaylee, Longmire said.

Frazee told Longmire that Berreth texted him the next morning, saying she wanted to go to church alone that Sunday. Later that Saturday, Frazee said they had a heated conversation about their relationship and Frazee told Berreth he would keep Kaylee "until the storm blew over," Longmire said. He said Berreth "lost it," Longmire testified.

Frazee said he talked with Berreth again on Sunday morning, Nov. 25. He called her again later that afternoon and it went to voicemail, Longmire said Frazee told her. He said he later received a text from Berreth, asking, "Do you even love me?" Frazee said he tried to respond, "Of course I do," but his text didn't go through, Longmire testified.

Frazee claimed that he tried calling her later that night and again tried to contact her over the next three days, through Wednesday, Nov. 28. When asked if he had been concerned, Frazee said he became concerned as time went by, Longmire testified.

Stiegerwald, Frazee's attorney, asked Longmire about her Dec. 26 conversation with Frazee and confirmed if Frazee and Berreth – according to the conversation – were at the Nash Ranch late on the night of Nov. 21. Longmire said yes.

Longmire was excused and court went into recess shortly after 10 a.m.

CBI agent: "Honestly don't know" where case would be without Kenney

Gregg Slater, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent who contacted and interviewed Kenney, testified about how Kenney has helped the case. He had testified on day three of the trial.

First, prosecutor Viehman asked if a cadaver dog was ever used on the burn area on the Frazee ranch or on his truck. Slater said no. On Dec. 14, they were unaware of any information about a tote or burn pit because Kenney had not yet come forward with her story, he said.

When prosecutor Viehman asked where the investigation would be without Kenney's involvement, Slater responded: "I honestly don't know." He said before Kenney's Dec. 20 interview — when she spilled her testimony to law enforcement and investigators — Slater believed something had happened in Berreth's bathroom and home. He said they didn't know about the tote, burn put, Nash Ranch or Conoco meet-ups. They did, however, know that Berreth's and Frazee's phones had traveled together around Thanksgiving.

“We didn’t know anything other than Berreth was missing, her belongings were missing... her behavior was off,” Slater said.

Slater said he traveled to Kenney's home with a FBI special agent and Twin Falls police detective in Twin Falls, Idaho, on Dec. 17, 2018, and attempted to interview her. The authorities had warrants to search her home and to collect a buccal swab from Kenney for a DNA test.

In her living room, Slater explained that they knew she was involved in Berreth's disappearance and had evidence to support it. They wanted to hear her side of the story, Slater said.

Kenney agreed to talk but asked to have an attorney. And before she gave a statement to the investigators three days later, she signed an agreement with the district attorney's office — a detail brought up by Frazee's attorney, Adam Stiegerwald, in his questioning of Slater.

When Kenney did talk, Slater said she provided the investigators with information about the black tote container, in which Berreth's body was allegedly burned; the Nash Ranch, where Frazee allegedly kept the black tote; and the area where the tote was allegedly burned on Frazee's property.

Slater said they returned to the ranch on Dec. 21 and only then noticed the discoloration in the dirt, where Frazee had allegedly burned Berreth's body in a rusted-out trough and asked ranch hands to cover the burn area.

Kenney also informed the investigators about the blood found on Berreth's toilet, floor, baby gate, couch and fireplace in her townhome. Slater said they did not notice this when they first entered Berreth's townhome.

"If Kenney didn't tell you about that, would that evidence ever have been found?" Prosecutor Viehman asked Slater.

"No," Slater replied.

Viehman then asked about Berreth and Frazee's relationship. Slater said based on their texts back and forth, Berreth initiated most of the conversations and Frazee responded infrequently. She would text him about picking up Kaylee, thanking for him for picking up the baby, details about the next exchange and her frustration about the status of the relationship. Those texts went back as far as April 2018, Slater said.

Berreth would text Frazee about starting a family together and if that was ever going to happen, if he loved her and not being able to see Kaylee as much as she wanted, Slater said. She would also text him information of houses they could purchase, he said, and she'd talk with her parents about the properties and if they could help with a down payment.

The last time Berreth posted on Facebook was Oct. 30, 2018, Slater said. He noted there were a lot of photos of Kaylee on her profile page. She'd send many photos of the newborn to Frazee as well, he said. She would also send him links to various properties through Facebook. Slater said he didn't see any responses from Frazee. After the media had picked up the story that Berreth was missing, Slater noticed many people posting on Berreth's Facebook wall, but he never saw a comment from Frazee.

Viehman asked if Slater ever found a flight itinerary for Berreth, which he confirmed. He said he found an itinerary for her to go to California in August 2018. This would have been for rehab for possible chronic fatigue, prosecutors said previously. Slater said he found information that showed Berreth had sent the itinerary information to Frazee.

Viehman then backed up to the day of the alleged murder — Nov. 22, 2018 — and asked about the text exchange between Frazee and Berreth, and Frazee and Kenney. Slater detailed the texts:
-3:37 a.m.: Frazee texted Berreth telling her he will come to Woodland Park after his chores and could take Kaylee with him on errands (Walmart and the bank) while Berreth napped. Then, they could figure out a plan for the day.
-3:53 a.m.: Berreth texted Frazee letting him know they had just gotten home to her townhome. He replied, "OK, thanks."
-9:15 a.m.: Berreth texted Frazee asking if he wanted to go out to eat. He did not respond.
-9:37 a.m.: Berreth texted him asking him to call when he was awake. He did not respond.
-12:41 p.m.: Berreth texted Frazee that she bought sweet potatoes in case he wanted a sweet potato casserole, but forgot pecans.
-4:39 p.m.: Frazee texted Kenney saying happy Thanksgiving and to call when she could. Kenney did not reply.
-5:32 p.m.: Berreth's phone texted Cheryl Berreth (Kelsey Berreth's mother) that they went shooting that day and that she had had fun using her gun again. She said Frazee was going to let her keep it and that she'll now feel safe running again. Cheryl Berreth responded, "Great!"
-9:35 p.m.: Kenney texted Frazee saying, "Happy thanksgiving to you guys too!"

Slater then detailed the texts from Nov. 23, the following day:

-6:59 a.m.: Berreth's phone texted Frazee asking him to call her when he was awake
-7:32 a.m.: Berreth's phone texted Frazee saying she was running late and would call when she got home. Frazee responds, "OK. Be safe."
-3:13 p.m.: Frazee texted Berreth, asking how her shopping was going. Her phone replied saying she was just looking and hadn't seen anything she liked.
-After 5 p.m.: Berreth's phone texted Frazee asking him to keep Kaylee that night because she was tired.
-5:23 p.m.: Frazee responded, saying sure, that he didn't mind doing so. He asked if she needed anything and she said no.

The CBI investigator then moved on to the texts from Nov. 24:
-7:24 a.m.: Kenney texted Frazee about looking at horses around 9 that day.
-7:26 a.m.: Frazee said 8:45 a.m. would be better.
-7:41 a.m.: Frazee texted Berreth to see if she was awake.
-7:43 a.m.: Kenney texted Frazee saying she didn't know if she could make it by 8:45 a.m.
-7:45 a.m.: Berreth texted Frazee apologizing because she didn't hear her phone. She said she would call after she showered.
-Unknown time: Kenney called Frazee saying she would call later.
-1:01 p.m.: Kenney texted Frazee saying she was curious if then was a good time to come over and Frazee responded that was fine, as he was almost back home. He said he'd be back home in 15 minutes.
-3:59 p.m.: Berreth texted Cheryl Berreth and said she'd call her the following day.
-4:07 p.m.: Frazee texted Berreth saying if this was what she really wanted, he'd respect her wishes and give her space. "If you change your mind, you can call me," his message read.
-4:21 p.m.: Kenney texted Frazee thanking him for letting her see the horse.
-4:33 p.m.: Frazee texted Kenney saying it wasn't a problem and to let him know how many mares she wanted to breed and they would make it work.
-6:25 p.m.: Kenney texted Megan Garrison, saying she was going to stay at Garrison's house that evening and if that was OK, which Garrison agreed to. Garrison is her friend from Idaho. In a previous testimony, Kenney said she borrowed Garrison's car to drive to Colorado.
-6:32 p.m.: Garrison responded that it was fine for Kenney to stay the night.

Slater then continued to show texts between Berreth and Frazee from the following day, Nov. 25:
-7:34 a.m.: Berreth texted Frazeey, asking to call her when he and Kaylee wake up
-8:53 a.m.: Berreth texted Frazee, saying " Password Kaylee05." Frazee responded, saying thanks and "I'll look at 'em when I get time tonight."
-Unknown time: Berreth texted Frazee, "Call me when you guys are done." Frazee responds, saying "OK will do."
-Unknown time: Berreth texted Frazee, "Do you even love me?"
-6:29 p.m.: Kenney texted Frazee, "After talking to the powers that be, he thinks just my sisters buckskin"
-Unknown time: Slater said a response from Frazee didn't go through, but said: "Why would I bend over backwards and stand behind you through everything if I didn't? So to answer your question, yes I do."

Slater said he found no more texts from Frazee to Berreth after that – none between Nov. 26 and Dec. 4. Police seized Frazee's phone on Dec. 4.

Slater said he went to the Frazee ranch on Dec. 14, before talking with Kenney, but the authorities, at that time, had no specific spot to search on the property. They later found a burn area up the hill from the home, about 50 to 75 yards away.

Slater confirmed that he and an FBI agent questioned Kenney on Dec. 20 but first ensured that the agreement for the plea deal was signed with the Fourtht District Attorney's Office. Slater said it was what the investigators were told to do first.

Later in the testimony Thursday, Stiegerwald asked Slater if the Nash Ranch is isolated. Slater said yes and that cell service isn't good there. Earlier in the trial, the prosecution's witnesses showed that Frazee wasn't overly responsive to texts.

FBI agent details call records

The state recalled Kevin Hoyland, a cell phone expert with the FBI. Hoyland helped track the cell phone activity of Frazee, Berreth and Kenney. He previously testified on the fourth day of the trial.

Cell phone records showed that Kenney's phone moved from Idaho to Colorado on Nov. 23, arrived in Colorado on Nov. 24 and left later that day, arriving back in Idaho on Nov. 25.

On her way to Colorado, Kenney's phone received six calls from Frazee's landline phone, totaling 160 minutes of talk time.

Read the detailed ping reports here.

In Thursday's testimony, Hoyland said Berreth's phone showed a lot of activity near Gooding, Idaho, on Nov. 25. Her phone texted Frazee at 5:11 p.m. and got a response at 5:20 p.m. Frazee called her phone at 5:20 p.m. and 5:21 p.m. but the calls went straight to voicemail. Those calls were the last activity from Berreth's phone.

Hoyland also testified about the cell activity on Kenney's phone from earlier in the year. He said her phone used cell towers around Teller County for five consecutive days in June 2018. The same happened for four straight days in July, one day in August, one day in September and three non-consecutive days in October. The prosecution asked if the day in September was the 23rd, and if the October days were the 15th, 16th and 21st. Hoyland confirmed that was correct and that the only way Kenney's phone could have connected to those towers was if it was within the towers' parameters.

Investigators also asked Hoyland to look for a single call to a certain 719 number. Hoyland said he was told that number was related to a "burner phone." He was asked to see if he could tell where the phone was located.

Hoyland said the phone had a single-call record but without tower data. It also had text messages. Hoyland couldn't tell where exactly it was, noting the phone number could be manipulated and that burner phones are "commonly used by criminals."

Criminal intelligence analyst outlines details of Frazee, Berreth, Kenney phones’ texts, calls

At 2 p.m., prosecutors called up Kevin Clark. He is a senior criminal intelligence analyst with the Colorado Springs Police Department Metro Vice Unit. He said he is in a strategic communication role and is regularly asked to create visual aids to support investigations from other law enforcement groups.

On Dec. 17, 2018, an FBI agent asked for his help in connection to this case. FBI Special Agent Hoyland, who testified before him, gave him some Verizon call detail records and Clark built a “toll analysis,” which would determine the other numbers that the phone had called, among other data.

The first set belonged to Frazee. The second was Berreth’s. And the third was someone who may have been involved, Clark said. The latter was a 208 area code, which is in Idaho. It was assumed this is Kenney.

Clark said he was also given surveillance footage and photos from all the relevant Woodland Park and Florissant homes and business, including the Safeway, Ent Credit Union, Walmart, Williams Furniture, Conoco and Berreth’s neighbor’s surveillance.

He used all this information to compile multiple timelines, which he printed on big white boards for trial. The timelines show the communication between multiple cell phones and Frazee’s landline in Florissant between Nov. 22 and Dec. 4, 2018. It mirrored what Slater had said in his previous testimony Thursday, but with more details filled in.

He started with the timeline from Nov. 22:
-12:22-12:31 a.m.: Frazee’s and Berreth’s cell phones signaled together west of Cripple Creek.
-1:18 a.m., 1:19 a.m., 1:20 p.m.: Berreth’s phone called Frazee’s phone. He didn’t answer the first two, but answered the third. All phones pinged off the Florissant tower.
-1:29 a.m.: Berreth’s phone called Frazee’s phone and it connected for 20 seconds. Her phone was in Divide and his was in Florissant.
-1:35 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s cell phone. It went to voicemail.
-1:42 a.m.: Berreth’s phone called Frazee’s cell. The call lasted four minutes. Berreth was in Woodland Park and Frazee was still in Florissant.
-3:33 p.m. and 3:34 p.m.: Berreth tried to call Frazee and then he tried to call her. Both phones are in Florissant.
-3:37 a.m. until 3:53 a.m.: Frazee’s cell and Berreth’s cell send multiple text messages back and forth.
-9:03 a.m.: Berreth’s phone called Cheryl Berreth (Kelsey Berreth’s mother) for about six minutes. Her phone was in Woodland Park.
-9:25 a.m.: Berreth’s phone texted Frazee’s cell asking to go eat. Around this same time, Cheryl Berreth called Kelsey Berreth’s phone and they talked for about six minutes
-9:37 a.m.: Berreth’s phone sent Frazee a text asking him to call her when he woke up
-9:40 a.m.: Frazee’s phone called Berreth’s phone. His phone was in Florissant and her phone was in Woodland Park
-12:24 p.m.: Commercial surveillance captured Berreth and Kaylee at the Woodland Park Safeway
-12:30 p.m.: Williams Furniture showed Frazee’s truck traveling north toward Berreth’s home
-12:31 p.m.: Frazee called Berreth’s phone. Both were in Woodland Park
-12:31 p.m.: Berreth’s red Chevy traveled north toward her home, as seen on the Williams Furniture camera
-12:33 p.m.: Berreth called Frazee
-12:38 p.m.: Frazee’s truck drove south away from Berreth’s home
-12:41 p.m.: Berreth texted Frazee saying she bought the sweet potatoes
-12:44-12:50 p.m.: Frazee was spotted in his truck at the Woodland Park Ent
-12:52 p.m.: Frazee and Kaylee were seen at the Walmart
-1:19 p.m.: Frazee’s truck drove north toward Berreth’s home, as seen on the Williams Furniture surveillance
-1:24 p.m.: Frazee, Berreth and Kaylee were seen at Berreth’s front door, as seen on her neighbor’s outdoor cameras
-4:20-4:32 p.m.: A camera captured Frazee at Berreth’s door
-4:24 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Sheila. His phone was in Woodland Park
-4:34 p.m.: Frazee’s red pickup truck drove south toward Highway 24
-4:37 p.m.: Frazee called Kenney. Frazee’s phone was still in Woodland Park. It went to voicemail
-4:39 p.m.: Frazee texted Kenney to wish her a happy Thanksgiving and asked her to call him when she can.
-4:43 p.m.: Kenney’s cell called Frazee and they talked for about two minutes, 21 seconds. Her phone was in Idaho. His phone was just west of Divide.
-4:50 p.m.: Frazee called Kenney and they talked for four more minutes. His cell phone had moved to the east side of Florissant. Within seconds, Berreth’s phone signaled in the same place.
-5:32 p.m.: Berreth’s phone sent an iMessage to Cheryl Berreth about going shooting that day because Frazee was letting her keep her gun. Prosecutors said they believe Frazee sent this text to Cheryl.
-8:29 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney, who was still in Idaho. They talked for 47 minutes
-9:32 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone again and it was sent to voicemail
-9:25 p.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Frazee’s cell saying happy Thanksgiving
-10:03-10:58 p.m.: Frazee’s and Berreth’s phones appear to be traveling together
-11:11 p.m.: Frazee’s phone signaled in Florissant
-11:30 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney and they talked for 51 minutes

Clark then went on to show text message exchanges from Nov. 23. His infographic in court included the following highlights:
-Frazee’s and Berreth’s cell phones exchanged text messages in the morning. Both phones were using the same tower and sector in Florissant
-Frazee called Kenney, who was still in Idaho, in the morning as well
-Frazee’s and Berreth’s phones continued to ping together west of Cripple Creek, then west of Cañon City, then west of Cripple Creek again, then northwest of Beulah Valley, then both west of Cripple Creek
-Around 3:15 p.m., Frazee’s cell and Berreth’s cell texted back and forth about Berreth shopping
-At 7:14 p.m., Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone and they connected for 36 minutes
-They connected again at 9:41 p.m. for 23 minutes. Kenney’s phone was pinging in Utah
-10:20 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone and they talked for four minutes. Her phone was in Salt Lake City
-11:06 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s cell and they talked for 33 minutes. Kenney was on her way into Colorado at this point, Clark said.

Court then broke for a 2:30 p.m. recess and returned around 3 pm.

When it resumed, a detailed timeline of the cell activity was shown in court, beginning with Nov. 24:
-12:16 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s cell phone, which pinged somewhere in Utah
-1:13 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone
-6:39 a.m.: Kenney’s phone signaled west of Florissant
-6:42 a.m.: Kenney’s phone signaled near Frazee’s ranch
-7:11 a.m. Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone and left a voicemail
-7:23 a.m.: Frazee’s phone called Kenney’s phone. Frazee’s phone was in Florissant and Kenney’s phone was near Woodland Park, near a tower by Berreth’s home
-7:24 a.m.: Frazee’s phone texted Kenney’s phone
-7:26 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone for three minutes
-7:31 a.m.: Frazee’s phone texted Berreth’s phone
-7:42 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone and left a voicemail
-7:43 a.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Frazee’s phone
-7:45 a.m. Berreth’s phone texted Frazee’s phone
-7:53 a.m. Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone
-7:57 a.m.: Frazee’s phone texted Kenney’s phone
-7:57 a.m.: Frazee’s phone texted Kenney’s phone
-8:32 a.m.: Berreth’s phone called Frazee’s phone for 16 minutes and 27 seconds. Both phones were together in Florissant, connecting to the same tower
-8:33 a.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Frazee’s phone
-9:22 a.m.: Frazee’s landline called Kenney’s phone for five minutes. Her phone was in Woodland Park
-10:47 a.m.: Frazee’s phone called Kenney’s phone. His phone was west of Divide
-10:54 a.m.: Cheryl Berreth called Kelsey Berreth’s phone. Kelsey’s phone was on the east side of Divide
-11:39 a.m.: Frazee’s phone called Kenney’s phone. His phone was east of Divide. Kenney’s phone was in Woodland Park

Clark continued to show a timeline of activity throughout the afternoon and also included surveillance video of Frazee and Kenney at a Conoco station in Florissant. The timeline included the following:
-12:06 p.m.-12:45 p.m.: Frazee’s phone signaled, and around the same time, Berreth’s phone signaled. The phones were together west of Cripple Creek
-12:51 p.m.: Arlo notification signaled for Berreth's neighbor’s surveillance, which showed part of her front dopr
-12:58:27: Both Frazee’s and Berreth’s phones signaled and co-located
-1:00 p.m.: Sonic surveillance footage showed Kenney in her friend Megan Garrison’s Volkswagen
-1:01 p.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Frazee’s phone
-1:05-1:06 p.m.: Frazee’s and Berreth’s phones signaled near Florissant
-1:38 p.m.: Kenney’s phone signaled in Florissant. It was the last activity from Kenney’s phone for several hours
-3:56 p.m.: Frazee’s phone called Berreth’s phone. Frazee’s phone was in Florissant. Berreth’s phone was near her home in Woodland Park. The call was two minutes.
-3:59 p.m.: Berreth’s phone sent an iMessage to Cheryl Berreth
-4:03 p.m.: Berreth’s phone moved in Woodland Park from a sector near her house to the south
-4:17 p.m.: Kenney was seen on Conoco surveillance footage. Her phone signaled there
-4:21 p.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Frazee’s phone
-4:21 p.m.: Kenney’s phone called her ex-husband, Chad Lee
-4:33 p.m.: Frazee’s phone texted Kenney’s phone
-4:32-4:39 p.m.: Frazee was seen on Conoco surveillance video filling up a red gas can
-4:49 p.m.: Frazee’s truck left the Conoco
-5-5:59 p.m.: Frazee’s and Kenney’s phones signaled together at Nash Ranch
-6:24 p.m.: Frazee’s phone called his landline for two seconds. His phone was in Florissant
-6:25-6:32 p.m.: Kenney’s phone texted Megan Garrison
-6:57 p.m.: Frazee’s truck returned to the Conoco
-6:59 p.m.: The Volkswagen left the Conoco
-7:23 p.m.: Frazee’s landline called Frazee’s phone for six seconds. Frazee’s phone was in Florissant
-7:32 p.m.: Kenney’s phone received a call. It was in Florissant
-9:37 p.m.: The Volkswagen pulled into the Conoco.
-9:40 p.m.: The Volkswagen left and turned west from Conoco. Frazee’s red Toyota left and turned east
-10:53 p.m.: Kenney’s phone signaled near Breckenridge. It continued to signal on Interstate 70, headed west

The timeline Clark presented in court also included cell activity from Nov. 25, showing that Berreth’s phone and Kenney’s phone both signaled near the Colorado-Utah border shortly after 4 a.m. Later that morning, at 7:09 a.m., Frazee called Kenney’s phone and left a voicemail. At 7:43 a.m., Berreth’s phone texted Frazee’s phone – a text prosecutors say was written by Kenney, Clark said.

Throughout the day, Frazee’s landline and phone and exchanged calls and texts with Berreth’s phone, which signaled 30 times in southern Idaho that afternoon, Clark said.

The final cell phone activity from Berreth’s phone was at 5:13 p.m. on Nov. 25.

On Nov. 26, Frazee’s landline and Kenney’s cell phone connected nine times. The following day, he called her three times. The final call was more than an hour long, Clark said.

They had multiple connections from Nov. 28 through Dec. 4. Later in the day on Dec. 4, law enforcement seized Frazee’s phone.

Clark testified that he didn’t see any calls or texts from Frazee’s phone to Berreth’s phone between Nov. 26 and Dec. 4.

Court ended early for the day around 3:40 p.m. It will restart at 8:30 a.m. Friday.

The state said they had a couple more witnesses for Friday morning. The judge said he is cautiously optimistic that they will still holding closing statements Friday afternoon. If not, they will start that Monday morning, he said.

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Live tweeting and live reporting is not allowed in the courtroom, per a court decorum. The trial is expected to last three weeks.