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Mega landlord works to fix problems after Denver7 investigation

Posted at 4:42 PM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 21:23:17-05

DENVER — More renters have called Denver7 Investigates after our story on unrepaired problems at homes owned by mega-landlord Waypoint Homes.

Denver7 aired several complaints about Waypoint not fixing items inside renters’ single-family homes last week.

"We've had so many issues pop-up that just don't get addressed,” former renter Chris Lynch said. He told of his power being shut off because Waypoint failed to pay the utility bill, as it agreed to do.

Waypoint conceded it had problems with utility payments in the past, but says that issue is fixed now.

The company, which merged with Invitation Homes last week, and took Invitation’s name, has also worked to address other Denver-area customers’ concerns.

Sarah Liles ended up with a $560 water bill from Waypoint shortly after she moved in about a year ago. She says she tried to get Waypoint to reduce the bill because there was a water leak. Waypoint refused, according to her, so she and her roommates paid it. 

“They were basically like, 'Here's your eviction notice. You have a week to pay it and a week to come up with this money,'” she said. 

Her usual monthly bill was just more than $60, a Waypoint spokesman confirmed. 

Waypoint fixed the leak and after Denver7 Investigative Reporter Jace Larson contacted the company, it agreed to refund the money.

“That's awesome, thank you so much. That's huge,” she said after learning of the refund.

Waypoint also did the right thing for two Air Force women who it sent to collections for supposedly not paying their bill.

When Denver7 pointed out the women had been over charged, Waypoint stopped collections on them within a day.


Jace Larson is an investigative reporter for Denver7 Investigates. If you know something he should investigate, email him at, reach him on Twitter @JaceLarson, or call the Denver7 Investigates tip line at (303) 832-TIPS.