Family's moving odyssey traces back to Colorado address

Denver7 investigation helps couple get belongings
Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-16 21:07:31-04

DENVER -- It’s a moving story that has happened to dozens of consumers involving dozens of moving companies. 

The Bailey family hired a moving company back in June, paid the down payment and the company picked up all their furniture, clothing and household items. Then, they stopped returning phone calls.

Karen and Ron Bailey hired TransWorld Van Lines to move their things from Nashville, Tenn. to Tampa, Fla. 

“We feel we have been victimized. They have stolen our things basically," said Karen Bailey, during an exclusive interview with Denver7 Investigates. The Bailey’s moving odyssey leads to a Colorado address and a company with a long history of consumer complaints. 

Family asks Denver7 Investigates for help 

“We didn’t know what else to do. We’ve called and called and called and they have told us so many lies," the Baileys said. 

TransWorld Van Lines' contract information shows an address in Englewood. 

According to the Baileys, the moving company picked up their items on June 27 and promised a reasonably prompt delivery of around July 1. More than a month later, the family had not received its furniture and personal belongings and Karen Bailey said the company stopped taking their calls. After getting nowhere with the moving company, the family contacted Denver7 Investigates asking for help. 

“When that person knocks on our door,” said Ron Bailey, “and I see a big tuck out front then I'll know our stuff is here. Until I see that I'm not going to believe a word they say.”

Denver7 Investigates started digging into the history and record of TransWorld Van Lines.

Public records show multiple complaints against the company with very similar the issues raised by the Baileys. Court records show about a half dozen lawsuits dating back to the early 2000s. Denver7 also visited the Englewood address listed on the contract. According to the current property resident, TransWorld Van Lines has not been at that address for at least seven years.

Furniture arrives

Just days after Denver7 Investigates interviewed the Bailey’s and started asking questions, the family received a knock on the door.

On the other side, a moving truck filled with all of their furniture and personal items. 

“We had a lot of red flags, it’s just all hindsight now,” said Karen Bailey.

Denver7 Investigates called TransWorld Van Lines for comment. After asking a question about the delayed delivery a person on the phone said, “you are not allowed to ask those questions.” Seconds later, the employee apparently hung up the phone.