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DPD Officer disciplined for drunk fight at football game

Officer 1 of 2 disciplined for different incidents
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 20:35:29-05

DENVER – A police officer who had been drinking and got into a brawl at a Denver Broncos football game has been docked two vacation days as punishment for the incident that was recorded by security cameras, Denver7 Investigates has learned.

The video shows officer Raelene Norris standing around a table, off duty on Sept. 11, 2017. She had been “drinking to excess” when a ticket holder started to fight with Norris’ brother, a Denver Public Safety discipline letter says.

In the course of the fight, someone threw a beer at Norris. She in turn threw a beer at the person who threw it at her.

Police responded, and although Norris did not identify herself as an off-duty police officer, responding officers recognized who she was, said Jess Vigil, Denver Public Safety Deputy Director.

“Although they may be off duty, any conduct that they engaged in that’s detrimental to the professional image of the department is conduct that will be dealt with in the disciplinary process,” Vigil said.

Norris violated a prohibition on “drinking to excess,” Vigil found in his determination. He noted Norris had no past discipline and admitted to the incident.

Vigil said the investigation started after responding officers notified the department that an off-duty officer had been involved.

“It happens very frequently where officers report misconduct that they observe on their own without citizens coming forward,” he said.

Norris was fined two day’s worth of paid time off. She was not suspended from work and her paycheck was not reduced.  


Denver Police Commander James Henning received a 10-day suspension for allegedly suggesting two employees who were in a disagreement “get in a room by themselves and (expletive) each other until they figured it out.”

The allegation was made by a member of the police department, according to Vigil.

“Commander Henning is genuinely remorseful and had taken complete responsibility for his conduct,” the discipline letter stated.