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Vendor at Christkindl Market overwhelmed by demand for his wooden wearables

Posted at 9:41 AM, Dec 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-09 11:41:41-05

DENVER — Denver's Christkindl Market is a place to shop and get food and drinks in a holiday atmosphere. But, one vendor is getting so much business, he's having trouble keeping up with demand.

Artist Drew Storm Graham has a popup booth at the market for his company Switchwood.

"I was making sculptural artwork out of wood," said Graham. "And, I wanted to wear something a little more elaborate, something noticeable."

He first created an interchangeable, wooden bowtie.

"So, all the wings are interchangeable," said Graham. "Being able to take them out and replace them with different types of wood, different shapes. They're all magnetic."

Now, he's using all different types of woods, stains, and grain patterns to carve out a full-line of wearable and useable accessories.

"So, a cufflink came next," said Graham. "Then it was a tie clip. Then it was earrings. Then it was bottle openers, and then sunglasses and watches were the final products."

He also does custom pieces for special occasions. But, the sunglasses have been flying off the shelves at the Christkindl Market.

"I'm selling out of stuff," said Graham. "I cannot keep up with the demand. So, far it's been the best show I've ever done."

He feels like his nature-inspired art, has finally found a home in nature-friendly Colorado.

The Christkindl Market continues until Friday, Dec. 23, and he loves chatting with the customers who walk by.

"Everything is hand-crafted," said Graham. "We put a lot of love and care into each piece. And so when you're buying something, you're not just buying it from a company, you're buying it from me."

He's done work for distilleries out of used whiskey barrels, and he's crafted historic pieces of wood from the U.S. Capitol building. He goal is to have a storefront in Denver one day.