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Lafayette beekeeper celebrates season with fresh honey at farmers' markets

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Posted at 10:12 AM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 12:12:28-04

LAFAYETTE, Colo. — Mother's Day has passed, which typically means it's safe to plant in your garden in Colorado.

But, as the flowers bloom, a local farmer reminds you to be nice to the bees.

You're in good company with Björn's Colorado Honey.

Pontus Jakobsson is a servant of the queen, because she is the key to the hive's success.

"I, of course, want to say it's the most important animal that we have in the planet," Jakobsson said. "Every fourth bite you consume , it's there because of bees."

He's a third generation farmer from Sweden, and beekeeping is second-nature.

So, when he settled down with his family in Boulder, he stuck to what he knows best. Harvesting honey, and everything these precious insects produce.

"The first dandelions are kind of coming up, and that's the first nectar flow that we have in Colorado," said Jakobsson. "That's the mark of the beekeeping season."

He builds the bees a happy home and tends to several hives across the Front Range. In turn, the bees churn out a wealth of raw ingredients used in foods and skin care products.

"Together with our honeys, we're a very health oriented company," said Jakobsson. "So we like to work with propolis, which is really good for allergies and colds. Royal jelly and the beeswax itself."

The hives reach full harvest in late summer, and Jakobsson bottles and jars the Björn's line to sell at farmers markets and mountain stores.

I got to same everything from traditional clover and spun varieties, to sweet and spicy flavors, and lemon zest. But, despite the buzz Björn's has created, Jakobsson said he'll keep his business close-knit like the colonies, because that's when the riches taste best.

"We want it small," said Jakobsson. "I want to be able to see every single jar that goes out. I want to make sure I can stand behind my product. I want you to be able to give it to your kids and be proud that you served your kids this honey."

You can find Björn's Colorado Honey at the Boulder County Farmers' Markets and South Pearl Street Farmers' Market in Denver.