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Denver's Pinemelon aims to improve online grocery order and delivery

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Posted at 10:10 AM, Oct 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-19 12:10:11-04

DENVER — Who has the time to get to the grocery store multiple times a week — maybe just to grab an item or two?

A new online grocer has entered the Denver market to fill your everyday orders, and have them delivered within hours to your doorstep.

You're in good company with Pinemelon.

Alexey Lee launched Pinemelon in April 2022, because he felt the food system was broken in many ways.

"The main reason is that there is no such thing as a reliable online grocery [service]," said Lee. "So, we are here to build one."

Their platform allows customers to use the Pinemelon app to fill your virtual basket, just as you would at a grocery store. Your goods are then delivered to you the same-day.

"Basically if you order right now, you are able to receive your order within the next two-to-three hours," said Lee.

Pinemelon's target customers are families with children who don't have the time to physically go shopping four to five times a week.

Shoppers can find any item on the Pinemelon app you would find at a traditional grocery store. The inventory is held at a warehouse on Denver's north side, and it's flexible enough to add items that aren't always in stock.

"We are building that ideal product mix for families, and can add anything that you as a family need," said Lee.

They have a particular focus on fresh produce. It's been a sore spot with the online grocery shopping experience. But Pinemelon sources directly from Colorado farmers and ranchers first. They even make dips like guacamole in-house, and they hope to build a farmers market-style bond between consumers and the food community.

"When you can order a produce which was harvested at its peak of ripeness, and it's delivered straight to your door," said Lee, "you can get the max out of it in terms of freshness, in terms of flavor."

Pinemelon's member families also have the option of receiving lunch kits with the same nutritious ingredients, to save parents the stress each day.

"We tried to calculate the value of it," said Lee. "And we think that the regular family can save up to maybe $1,000 a year."

It's hard to put a price on the time families could get back from an online delivery service versus going to a grocery store while still keeping quality in the bag.

"Customer satisfaction, customer happiness is our most important metric," said Lee.