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Denver's OXB impresses with jewelry made for active lifestyles

Posted at 1:54 PM, Oct 08, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 19:45:27-05

What do you get when you combine a goldsmith and a fitness instructor?

You get a new type of jewelry made to shine when you’re working out.

You’re in good company, too, because all their pieces are made right here in Denver.

Making jewelry started as a side gig for these two ladies.

Laura Treganowan is a former fitness instructor, and Maggie Kyle is a goldsmith.

But in 18 short months, the unlikely pair has forged a product line that combines their expertise.

It's called OXB, or Our Exercise Brand.

“We use a metal called gold fill, and also sterling silver,” says Kyle, the co-founder of OXB. “It's a type of metal where the layer of gold won't rub off. And, the silver won't rub off. So, it's actually safe to work out in, and safe to shower in, and basically safe for all of your daily activities.”

The jewelry was hit at fitness shows, gyms, and workout studios. But, the pandemic shutdown much of their business.

So, now they sell direct to customers online.

"It started off really organic and word of mouth through Instagram,” Treganowan said. “Really, people took a lot of selfies in their jewelry and really promoted us organically after their workouts.”

They've since signed partnerships with dozens of people who endorse their products.

“We have a lot of local fitness instructors,” Kyle said. “We have people who own studios, who are Nike athletes, or professional soccer players.”

Most notably former Olympic swimmer and Colorado native Missy Franklin reached out after sporting the OXB brand.

“She reached out to us saying that she loved our jewelry and loved everything that we're doing,” Treganowan said. And we almost dropped the phone.”

“She sort of said that she had never been able to find jewelry to wear because she's a swimmer,” Kyle said. “And so, we also stand by that we are swim wear.”

Many of the pieces are customizable. And, they have everything from earrings to name plates to mask chains.

They also donate 5% of sales to charity.

Because the only thing they want rubbing off is the feeling you get wearing it.

“So, we hope people feel good about buying a product that we guarantee doesn't turn into junk and also supports non-profits,” Kyle said.

They said their jewelry will last decades without fading with proper care. And it helps keep other pieces of jewelry out of landfills.

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