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Denver7 teams up with BusinessDen for insight on evolving market

Posted at 10:37 AM, Sep 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-30 12:37:24-04

DENVER, Colo. — Denver7 is launching a new partnership with to bring viewers in-depth coverage of big changes in the Denver market.

The website attracts the interest of business leaders, consumers, and everyday readers alike with their insight on the evolving economic landscape.

Denver has become a global hub. There's a mix of people moving here. And, businesses are trying to keep up.

"It's a really exciting news market in business," said Aaron Kremer who founded the website in 2015. "There's a lot going on in Denver. There's a lot of shifting trends, a lot of new blood, a lot of new ideas."

Kremer started a similar website in Richmond, Virginia, and launched in Denver because of its big personalities and rich culture driving change.

"We want to break Denver down to make it more digestible," Kremer said. "So, people know the characters, maybe just because they've heard about them from our site."

That includes Denver sports figures. broke the news of the Broncos' new quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara paying $25 million to move into a Cherry Hills Village home.

"We did have a massive scoop about Russell Wilson setting the new record for a mansion sale," Kremer said. "That was a fun get."

But their stories go far beyond the transactional aspect of market news and dig deeper into the emotions of opening or closing a business.

"There is what it took to come up with the idea," Kremer said. "The risk they're taking. The challenges they didn't expect. You can get to that pretty easily. They don't hide that."

Their small but mighty newsroom has earned a clout covering residential and commercial development, property moves, legal filings, and entrepreneurship.

"It's very hard to report on your stories when no one's heard of you," Kremer said. "Now within our core beats, people know us. They tip us off a lot. So, hopefully that cycle continues. If we get tips from readers, we write better news. They give us better tips."

It's a leap of faith that has paid off for Kremer and his team. They've carved a niche of great appeal to a growing city and have subscribers to show for it.

"We just hope to always improve at the craft of journalism," Kremer said. "There's not a lot of news being done the way we do it."