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Colorado food company introduces cultural flavor to camping meals

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Posted at 11:36 AM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 13:36:25-04

DENVER — As Coloradans plan their outdoor adventures for summer, don't forget to pack food fit for the occasion.

It doesn't always have to be meat and potatoes by the campfire. Now, there are new flavors to explore. You're In Good Company with Oso Adventure Meals.

Anyone who's been camping in Colorado knows the food is sometimes an after-thought. But two friends are out to spice up your next adventure.

"If you need a quick meal in the outdoors, you can have one of our posoles," co-founder Felipe Vieyra said. "One of our enchilada bowls, one of our huevos rancheros."

Vieyra and Dom Barrera cooked up the idea on a backpacking trip of their own to start Osa Meals with a two-fold mission. One was to introduce Latin-inspired cuisine on the go.

"The recipes are actually inspired by Felipe's and our other co-founders' grandmas, abuelitas," Barrera said.

The other mission was to inspire more people of color to feel comfortable exploring the outdoors with food that's familiar.

"Our whole goal is to diversify the mountains to culturally relevant food," Barrera said. "Food brings people together."

The meals are all high in protein, made with hearty ingredients and full of flavor.

"We have rice, beans, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cheese and our secret Oso spice blend," Vieyra said.

Just add hot water, let it marinate for five to 10 minutes and dig in.

It's a conversation starter, just like sitting by the campfire.

"Our intention was to spice up the outdoor world," Vieyra said.

It captures the adventure with the flavor, and it's an inclusion they hope lasts long after campers return home.

Oso Meals has also partnered with organizations like Environmental Learning for Kids and Ski Noir 5280 to help introduce people of color to more of the outdoors.