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Colorado-based Einstein Bros celebrates 25 years serving bagels, coffee across the country

Posted at 9:11 AM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 17:19:10-05

Much of our routine has changed during the pandemic, but many of us still enjoy a good bagel and coffee to start our day.

And this Colorado-based national chain has been making it happen for 25 years.

You see them everywhere, but you may not have known — Einstein Bros is headquartered in the Denver metro area.

They say they want you to feel right at home the next time you sit down for your bagel and coffee.

“I think our brand is a lot about people's routine and starting their day off right,” said Einstein Bros’ Chef Chad Thompson. “Because we make a lot of people happy in the morning. So, we don't just sell bagels and cream cheese and coffee.”

Thompson is the creative mind behind their eclectic menu — from traditional bagels and cream cheese, to exotic flavors and sandwiches piled high.

“This is our No. 1 selling sandwich right here, called The Farmhouse,” he said pointing at a sandwich. “So, it's got ham and bacon. And, we make like a country gravy schmear with our cream cheese so it tastes like gravy.”

The company loves rolling out new products in Colorado because it's a great cross-section of customers nationally, Thompson said.

In fact, on Sept. 17 they're introducing a new item called the Eggel.

It’s a bread-less egg bagel mixed with meats and veggies to satisfy new diet trends.

“My team, along with the marketing team, kind of pulse what customers are looking for and we just go to work,” said Thompson. “And, this is where it all happens. All the magic happens in the test kitchen.”

The company is now in states coast to coast, under brands like Bruegger’s Bagels, Manhattan Bagels, and Noah’s Bagels, in addition to the Einstein Bros name.

And, they're expanding to be more accessible to their customers.

“We're in a lot of airports now, a lot of college campuses as well,” said Thompson. “We're really branding, taking our brand to more wholesale. So, we're showing up more in grocery stores.”

Their bakers are up at 2 a.m. each day to start the bagel-making process, adding simple comfort to people's lives when the days feel anything but normal.

Einstein Bros has a rewards program called the Schmear Society, where you can sign up to earn free food and drinks.

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