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Catchy clothing company settles into Boulder's Pearl Street

Mount Inspiration
Posted at 11:09 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 13:09:37-04

BOULDER, Colo. — Colorado fashion gives us a chance to express ourselves in so many ways — maybe it's an ode to our adventurous side, or a subliminal message about our beliefs.

You're in good company this week with Mount Inspiration, which is making a statement with its outdoor apparel.

All of the big retailers on Pearl Street in Boulder have a new neighbor. Mount Inspiration's first retail location moved in a few months ago.

"All the guys with the big booths at Outdoor Retailer have stores on Pearl Street," said Mount Inspiration founder Evans Prater. "This is outdoor central, and I just knew if I wanted to be that one day, I have to associate myself with those guys."

Prater launched the quirky, conscious, and comedic apparel store for anyone with an open mind.

"The long version is fun, funny, positive, uplifting, spiritual apparel on sustainable garments for outdoor lovers, thrill seekers, and free spirits alike," he said, laughing.

The college English major had an epiphany for the business after five months hiking the Appalachian trial.

"After the trail I started teaching myself graphic design," said Prater. "And, my sense of humor and knack for English and desire to make people smile and laugh kind of coalesced into making the fun little stickers."

The stickers were such a hit, he launched a clothing line with the same concept, weaving catchy phrases into environmentally friendly fashion. They're part of the One Percent for the Planet program.

"We also only use organic cotton, recycled plastic bottle polyester, hemp, and bamboo in everything we make," Prater said.

And, they're just getting started.

Prater said he has plans to expand anywhere people share his passion for good-natured self-expression.

"We've found that brick and mortar stores are actually our bread and butter," Prater said. "I've got a whole list of places, not just through the rest of Colorado, but the rest of the country."

Mount Inspiration also has an upcycle clothing program, where you can bring in a used clothing item, and get a discount on your next purchase there.

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