Denver Police Department's DIA squad go above and beyond to return girl's lost blanket

Posted at 2:35 PM, Aug 15, 2017

DENVER — A taxing flight out of Denver for one 6-year-old girl became a trip she wouldn't forget when she became separated with her beloved blanket. The June journey led the girl's mother to put out a call to action that will soon be answered.

Denver Police Department officers who work out of the Denver International Airport say they were touched by Lily's story after her mother reached out to various airport officials asking for their help. 

Lily's mother send photos of the blanket to officers and employees, asking for their help in finding the beloved blanket. Without it, Lily had trouble falling asleep. She also was afraid and upset. 

According to Denver police's DIA commander Benito Trujillo, "Lily needed some 'help getting through a tough time' so [officers] took it upon themselves to find a replacement." 

Trujillo credits Officers Coleman, Craven and Wilkerson, photographed above, for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

"They searched for the sleep bunny high and low, but could not find a suitable blanket in the United States for Lily. From a photograph and speaking with Lily's mother, they learned that the bunny had been found in a shop on a trip to London," Trujillo said. 

Trujillo's officers eventually found a blanket online in England for sale by a Molly and Moo. The officers bought the blanket on their own accord and had a seamstress sew in a new silk lining to match Lily's blanket. 

"The officers paid for the blanket and the modifications at their own expense and coordinated efforts to deliver the sleep bunny to Lily," Trujillo said. 

Soon, Lily and her family will receive the blanket, along with a package full of other surprises. The officers will be able to see the girl's reaction, as Lily's mom, who lives in California, will record it and send it to police.

"These individual officers are a credit to their chosen profession," Trujillo said. "Their compassion and concern for the citizens is sincere and is demonstrated daily. The [DIA] family is happy to have officers of this caliber working to ensure that the flying public has a safe and happy trip while in Denver."