VIDEO: Officer's body cam shows pond rescue

Posted at 7:49 AM, Jan 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-29 22:42:03-05

When Parker Police officer Trey Biles grabbed a tree branch to save a teen trapped in a partially frozen pond, his body camera was rolling.

Biles was the first person on scene when the three teens, who had been out on the ice, fell through. In the video, you can see Biles perspective as he leans drown, grabs a huge tree branch and runs to the shore where he could see one teen, Cole Robinson, in the water.

The sound is a bit hard to understand, but you hear Biles yelling, "grab this!"

Then Giles yells, "Hold on buddy," as he walks backward pulling the branch and Robinson from the water.

The video ends with Giles giving Robinson a hand to pull him off the ice onto the shore.

"One of the more heroic things I've ever seen is Cole grabbing onto that branch because he had no dexterity in his hands, and he was able to grab it with his forearms and be pulled onto shore," Biles said.

Robinson and two other friends from Legend High School fell through the ice covering the pond off of Tallman Drive on Jan. 14.

Biles said he didn't see either of the other two boys. He even went back onto the ice, hitting it with a branch, trying to break the ice and find the teens. He couldn't.

"I just couldn't see anybody else. I believe I did everything I could have, but you'll always look back and wish you could've done more," he said.

Dive teams arrived and pulled the other two boys out of the water. Patric Lantz and Max Gantnier died. Robinson survived.

"I'm extremely happy that Cole made it out of the water, but your heart is broken for not being able to help the other two," Biles said.

The Parker Police Chief says the department is already making changes because of the tragedy. He says the Parker PD has purchased 75 ropes with throwable devices to be put in patrol cars in case of emergencies like this.

A memorial has now been set up along a fence next to that pond.


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