HOA dispute takes center stage on front lawn of Loveland home

Loveland homeowner at odds with HOA
Posted at 4:44 PM, Aug 24, 2017

LOVELAND, Colo. -- A dispute involving a homeowner in Loveland and the HOA is going to the extreme.

A large sign sitting in the front yard of Richard and Colleen Stephens' home in the Alford Meadows subdivision doesn’t blend into the landscape.

It reads, “If you are considering purchasing a home in Alford Meadows, you may want to reconsider…You could be the next target of the HOA.”

He put up the sign after a long list of disputes with the HOA, including restrictions on the number of planters.

The most recent conflict: A colonial flag on the side of the house - the HOA says it's considered a sign, and must be removed.

“I felt it was the only recourse I had,” said Mr. Stephens. "I love my country. I served in the military. And it just expresses... this is where it started, you know?"

The family feels this is a case of selective enforcement.

They told Denver7 they feel some members of the board are targeting them because of their lawn sign in support for President Trump in the election.

"Somebody does not like our political affiliation, because of that they started this vendetta," said Colleen Stephens.

Stephens has his supporters, but one neighbor told Denver7 that when you live in an neighborhood with an HOA, there are rules, like them or not.

"People are going to say, there is a need for some limits,” asked Denver7 reporter Marc Stewart.

“There are, but they... they can't be so unreasonable,” said Mr. Stephens.

Stephens said he’s not willing to move, but is willing to go to jail.

He just wants a letter of apology adding he’ll remove the massive sign.

A lawyer for the HOA has not responded to Denver7’s call for a response.